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I listened to the two young men talk about the events of the previous week. The lines of support versus the lines of protest that had formed outside of the Chick-fil-A restaurants across our nation. I knew one of the young men well. “Brent” is a good Christian man having just turned twenty and is working his way through college. The other one “Nick” a recent college grad about twenty-two, a new employee at my physical therapist’s. I have only met Nick a couple of times, but he also seems like a very nice, intelligent young man as well, and both of them have a great work ethic. 

A television on the wall was cued to the news, where they were still doing stories on the event that had begun as a challenge by the Arkansas governor to garner support for the company and it’s owner to believe as he wishes. As they both gazed at the television, the young newcomer Nick said “All of those Christians have no problem going out to buy chicken in support of this, but you sure don’t see them all at the homeless shelters in those numbers do you? I mean think about it, if all those Christians around the nation came out at once to help the homeless, and did it every day, there would be no homeless.”

I was enraged inside, I wanted to point my finger at him and tell him to stop judging the followers of Christ of the world, and where did he even get that just because those people were all in line, they were even all Christians? Are Christians the only ones who enjoy the food at Chick-fil-A? I think not. I wanted to refute him in every way I could, counting off the reasons why he was wrong to make such a statement, but in the end, I said nothing. I said nothing because I knew that what he said was right. Many of those in line “were” my brothers and sisters in Christ, and they were merely trying to support another brother in Christ who had made a bold statement in a politically correct world, and come under fire for it.

But I must also stop and consider the way I look at people who are in high positions, celebrities, politicians, Etc. who use their positions of authority as moxie to make a point. I don’t like it when celebrities use their status and considerable wealth to influence politicians by whispering in their ears, the Sarandon’s and Streisand’s, Turner’s and Trump’s. Therefore how can I say it is okay for someone on the Christian right to do one thing that I think is wrong for someone on the opposite to do. I think that if someone is good at being an actress, they should act, or an actor, the same. If someone is a great real estate investor, then that is what they should stick with, as well as a Christian brother who sells chicken. Am I saying that someone should not be bold when expressing ones beliefs? Not at all, I have no problem with what he said, I admire his willingness to stand up for his beliefs, but in doing so, flak is just something to be expected.

The thing that bothered me the most about what this young man Nick said was that I knew he spoke the truth. It made me wonder why he would think such things about us as Christians, had he been around people who were more talk than action? Had he been interested in becoming a Christian and been turned off by our hipocrisy? I knew deep down that what he said was correct though, we are eager to stand up and “tell” everyone what we believe. But haven’t we been doing that since the beginning of time, isn’t it time that we begin to “show” people what we believe by our actions instead?

I cannot speak for anyone else, only for myself. And although I actually like the chicken there (not a huge fan of the waffle fries though), I did not go out and buy chicken that day in support, I was working all day. I am also not much of a bandwagon guy either, preferring not to jump in and swim with the rest of the salmon just because it seems like the thing to do, every time I have done that I always seem to be eating a heaping helping of humble pie afterwards for one reason or other. But I “do” know that I could spend more time giving to those who have a need, and I do know that we as followers of Christ could make a “HUGE” impact on our world if we were to offer up time and money to those in need in the same way that we did in standing by the owner of this company and his right to express his belief in the biblical model for marriage.

There will always be controversy, there will always be platforms, and there will always be the poor as Jesus has said (Matthew 26:11). But our ministry is not one where we will win souls to Christ by standing on a street corner and preaching to those who pass us by, those days are mostly gone. Our ministry will best be seen by our love, kindness and generosity to those who are struggling through life. Nick, the young and idealistic man who recently began working with my physical therapist convicted me. He gave me a view of the Christian conglomerate through the eyes of the undecided, or possibly those who have even already rejected our way because of our willingness to wear our faith as a badge of “pride”, rather than to greet those in need with a washbasin and a towell (John 13:1-17).

So, does this convict you in the way that it does me? Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think there is anything wrong with anyone who went out and supported this brother, but it shouldn’t be the foundation from which the world sees us as Christ followers. When they think of us, the lines at the Chick-fil-A should not represent what we stand for to them, but rather as servants of Jesus and those He referred to as “the least of these” (Matthew 25:40).

As always, may God bless and keep you!


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A Fiction Series; Begin Here   The Master of Chaos

The old office was gone, in its place a grand staircase as wide at the base as the entire office had been. The stairs were carved out of black obsidian and shined like glass as they wound ever upward. When they finally terminated at a landing, there were a series of twenty-four thrones also of carved obsidian, and regal in design. Seated at the twenty-four thrones were twenty-four kings wearing twenty-four crowns of gold, and singing praises. Inside the circle of thrones, the stairs began again, although much narrower and arose to another landing. On this landing, there was another throne, much larger and more opulent than the ones below it. The king of kings sat at his throne, wearing a huge gold and jeweled crown, and a silk robe spun from the finest, the cuffs at his wrists were silver, like that of the Alpha and the Omega’s. He smiled at his surroundings; it was good to be king indeed.

Lucifer’s kings were nothing more than demons selected at random to do as they were told, but it certainly made him feel much more important. Lucifer sat and listened to his demons chant in the kingdom he had fashioned after the heavenly one, and he wondered. Everyone was always taunting him with the scripture, every time he had a victory, there was always some angel there to say, “Yes Satan, but never forget how it ends”. He was sick of it, his people were ruling the vast majority of the earth these days, wasn’t it just possible that he could turn the tables on them? Wasn’t it possible he could catch them off guard and write his own future? He loathed the enemy for all of His righteousness, like that was ever any fun. No, Lucifer had a plan, and scripture or no scripture, prophecy or no prophecy; he was bound and determined to hang on to his kingdom no matter what it took. He leaned back in his throne chair and sighed heavily, it was good to be king, or god, yes, it was good to be a god.

                                                *          *          *

                MONDAY EVENING, 7:25 pm

“Are you out of your flipping mind, I would lose my license if I did that” said the enraged man across the table from Sam Preston. The DEA monitors all of that activity, and any abuses or even suspected abuses are ferreted out, besides losing my license I could do jail time on top of it, the answer is no.  Sam looked around the table at the other elders and guests, hoping someone would jump in and help him out. Tim cleared his throat, “Bill, excuse me if I am butting in, but I need you to know something. After this week, your license will be useless anyway; if you come with us you will be in a different state or country. Aren’t medical licenses a state by state thing”? The Dr. nodded, then said, it doesn’t matter though, after all of this is over, I will need to begin a new life for my family, and if I have lost my license then that isn’t going to be possible.

Tim nodded soothingly, then said, “Bill, this is it, there won’t be any rebuilding afterward, what we are asking you to do is help us stock the infirmary in the place God has prepared for us, and do it now while we can. When we leave here, you are never going to be coming back”. Bill sat back in his chair with a stunned look on his face, the realization of Tim’s words sinking in for the first time. Tim continued, “Dr. Jordan has made up a list of common prescriptions that are taken by many for a variety of reasons, and we are going to need a lot of them before we leave. We have 347 people ready to go out all over the city to different pharmacies to fill all of the scripts that the seven of you write, but you have to be willing, and you have to be looking at the big picture, none of these meds will ever be abused, what you are doing is not unethical”. Bill just sighed heavy and said, “okay, I will do it, but I won’t like it”. Tim smiled, that’s good enough for me.

                                                *          *          *

The death of president Conroy dominated the news, flags were to be flown at half-staff for one week, the funeral was set for Tuesday at 1pm. Ted Sackett was just hoping there would be no bumps in the road that would require him to do anything presidential. He had just met with the Army Chief of Staff on budget issues when his aid said that there was a call waiting for him, and that it was president Petrovski. He told the aid that he would take it in the oval office. A secret serviceman escorted the president into the office, and then Sackett dismissed the man, to which the man replied, “I am sorry Mr. President, someone is to be with you at all times”. Sackett just turned and went to the desk without another word and answered the phone. “President Sackett, I just wanted to extend to you our condolences on behalf of every nation in the League”. Thank you Vlad, said Sackett kindly, it was so unexpected, we never suspected that Lerner was suicidal, you think you know someone. Yes, I couldn’t agree more, I never saw president Conroy like that, he was always such a strong man, such a leader. Sackett agreed, thinking how he wished the man was still alive so he could finish the job he had started.

Ted, I am going to be in town for the funeral tomorrow afternoon, I was wondering if we could meet for dinner and a drink afterwards? Sackett had always been impressed with Petrovski, unlike Conroy who thought the man was rotten to the core. Sure Vlad, I can make time, I will have my secretary set things up with yours, will two hours do? That should be more than enough time, said Vlad as he smiled wickedly into the phone, that will be perfect.

                                                *          *          *

                                 TUESDAY MORNING, 1:32 AM

Tim couldn’t sleep, so he was out in the garage going through cabinets, sorting the things that he would be taking from the things he would be leaving behind. He was so tired, and his mind so full and heavy as he went through each cabinet systematically. He found his old ball glove from little league and smiled at the memory, noting the leather was now cracked and brittle. He remembered putting leather balm on it every week, and every time he wasn’t using it for practice or game, he had kept a baseball in the mitt with rubber bands around it, so that the glove would hold its form. He smiled as he placed it in the “to go” box then turned back to the cabinet. He threw a couple of cans of old spray paint away revealing an old stash of Wild Turkey whiskey he had forgotten about, the bottle almost full. He stared up at it for a moment, and then pulled the bottle down and looked at the label, wondering how long it had been there. He unscrewed the lid and placed the mouth of the bottle beneath his nose, smelling the strong drink. Memories of many nights lost in the bottle came flooding back to him, but also the memory of the numbness from pain and hurt, and as much as he hated to admit it, he longed for that escape now. He looked at the bottle longingly, like the forbidden fruit of a lost love, sin whispering into his ear that one night would be okay, no one would ever know about it. He thought about all of the responsibility that had been heaped on his shoulders since the dream-vision, whatever it was that he had had. Why him, surely there were many much more capable leaders than him out there, why didn’t God lean on them. Then he realized he was feeling sorry for himself, so he walked over to the large garage sink by the washer and dryer, and unscrewed the top again. He poured the entire bottle down the drain, then screwed the cap back on and tossed it into the trash. It was time for bed.   God Bless-JFT

To be Continued–

Note: This series is a work of fiction entirely, for entertainment purposes only, all rights reserved.

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A Fiction Series; Begin Here   The Master of Chaos

Ted Sackett, the Vice President of the Unites States was already in the air aboard a secure plane circling Texas when news of the Presidents death reached him. Sackett was stunned and overwhelmed at the thought of what awaited him. Ted had agreed to be Conroy’s running mate because he admired the strong man and his conservative values, but Ted had never thought he would ever have to occupy the office of Commander in Chief. Sackett immediately called Mary Conroy to offer condolences on the death of her husband. When the first lady was patched through, she was sobbing as she took the phone. Ted, I am so glad it’s you, because I needed to tell you something, there is something horribly wrong here, Lerner was never suicidal. I knew that man since I was a freshman in high school, and if there is one thing that he wasn’t, it was suicidal. You must believe me, something is going on, don’t you think it is just a bit odd that on the same day there was a horrific nuclear strike in the Middle East that my husband would also be found dead? Ted just listened, he agreed with her that Conroy was someone he never considered weak or suicidal, but he didn’t know what to tell her, so he just said “Mary, I am so very, very sorry for you and Mackenzie, I know this does not sound right, and I want to assure you that I will insure a full and thorough investigation is carried out. We will find out what happened Mary, and if there is anything that you and Mackenzie need, please let me know. I have to go now, I am so sorry but I am being paged as we speak to the videoconferencing room”.

They said their sad goodbyes and Sackett entered the videoconferencing room in the rear of the huge jetliner, immediately seeing the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court waiting for him on the large video monitor. The elderly justice asked Sackett to raise his right hand and repeat what he said; he would be swearing Ted Sackett in as the next President of the United States. Sackett repeated everything that the Justice said, yet he wasn’t listening to the words he was repeating, his mind was racing a hundred miles an hour, anxious at the responsibility that he was taking on now. So much for just riding out this term, he was about to work harder than he ever had before. He wasn’t smiling when he finished taking the oath.

                                                *          *          *

Tim and Carrie were amazed at the outright power and loyalty of their God. They sat in church listening as one by one, four of the elders went before the congregation and opened their hearts about the visions they had all been given. The people in the assembly were quiet as the elders spoke of the one they were told about who would come, and how it happened exactly as they were told. Tim thought to himself that if someone had relayed that story to him a year ago he would have run from the building and would have never returned. Yet now, no one did, everyone was rapt with attention. They told of Tim’s vision where the great angel Gabriel told of a time of tribulation that will come, and that we must leave now without delay, because a place has been prepared for us. At the end, Sam asked if the congregation would give a show of hands who would be going, and everyone was shocked when all of the family heads raised their hands. Some raised them tentatively, seemingly shy as they looked around them to see who else would be going, but in the end, everyone was on board. It was truly nothing short of a miracle, because attendance that Sunday morning was just over a thousand.

The elders ordered pizzas delivered for the entire congregation and they suggested everyone eat and relax for a couple of hours, and then the planning and inventory would begin. Tim approached Sam Preston with a gym bag that he had over his shoulder and waited as Sam finished talking to one of the other elders. “Hey Tim, I think all is going well, don’t you? We have so much to do in such a short time, but it seems as though God is really paving a trail for us”. Tim agreed, and then removed the gym bag from his shoulder and handed it to Sam. Sam, here is twenty-five million dollars in cash; Sam’s face went slack as he took the bag. Start the purchasing of vehicles and supplies first thing tomorrow, have the people who do the buying to go all over the city and buy our supplies from many different locations so as not to raise a flag to spying eyes. Purchase whatever you need, and do not worry; you don’t have to give me an accounting for anything. Let Carrie and I know how we can help, we are at your service, and should you need more money, just let me know.

While they were still speaking, Carrie came up and interrupted them with the news of President Conroy’s death. A chill ran up Sam’s spine as he thought, “everything is accelerating so fast now”. Tim said “Well, if that doesn’t underscore the urgency of the situation, then I don’t know what would.

Tim and the elders worked late into the night, putting everything together that they could think of until they were literally about to collapse. Although it seemed almost impossible logistically, they were shooting for a departure of early Thursday morning. Tim thought to himself, it will take an act of God to make that deadline, but he had no doubt that they would, everything else up to this point had been facilitated by God, Tim had no reason to think God would abandon them now.

                                                *          *          *

Ben-Asher stood at the Wailing Wall alone with his thoughts, it was past ten in the evening, and the crowds had dwindled from the daytime until there was just a handful of people watching him. As the rabbi faced the wall and awaited his next prophetic moment, he heard the click of heels on pavement getting louder as someone approached him from behind. Suddenly he knew who it was approaching him although he had never seen the man before, and he knew his next prophecy was at hand. He turned to face the tall man, who was impeccably dressed in an incredible Italian cut suit, and was wearing dark glasses despite the fact that it was nighttime. The man stopped a few feet from Ben-Asher and was about to speak when the rabbi said, “Take me to the one who has requested my presence”. The man said “this way”, and turned on his heels, leading off toward the avenue. Ben-Asher and his escort rounded the corner and came up the street to a black limo that was waiting for them. The man opened the rear door and held his hand out for the man to get in, so the rabbi complied, climbing into the dark cabin of the car. After the rabbi was seated, a familiar voice greeted him. It was that of Vladimir Petrovski, the supreme leader of the World League of Nations, and the president of Russia. Vlad held out his hand as the rabbi shook it gently.

I know you must be wondering why I have asked to meet with you Ben-Asher. I know you are a prophet, and that you have prophesied the return of Elijah, and I am here to tell you that I am he. I am the one that you have prophesied has returned. Ben-Asher nodded and said, “I know, your highness”. Vlad then explained to the rabbi that he would like him to join his staff as the supreme leaders personal prophet. Ben-Asher wasted no time in accepting the proposal saying, I would be honored your highness.

                                                *          *          *

Brooke sat at the edge of the sparring circle with the other angels she had come to know so well in recent times. Kennady’s name was called to take a turn on the grass, and then Brooke was selected to spar against her. Kennady stretched out quickly on the grass as Brooke stood and prepared for the match. Although they had become the best of friends, it was pure primal battle in the ring; no favors were asked, no mercies given. The two pretty warrior angels squared off and began to side step in a circle, eyes locked on one another. Kennady struck first as Brooke merely leaned back and Kennady’s sword caught only air. The lithe angel then whirled in a roundhouse assault and was surprised to find Brooke gone as she came back around in her 360 degree attack. She looked around quickly to locate the tall beautiful angel when her legs were knocked out from under her. She had been ambushed from behind she thought as she landed on the grass in a heap. Before she could bound back up in her customary fashion, she felt Brooke’s foot on her throat and she turned her face to look up, only to be greeted by Brooke’s gleaming sword. Brooke was smiling wickedly at the other end of the sword and she chuckled and said, “Gocha”.    God Bless-JFT

To be Continued–   The Master of Chaos – XXVII

Note: This series is a work of fiction entirely, for entertainment purposes only, all rights reserved.

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A Fiction Series; Begin Here   The Master of Chaos

President Conroy had been awakened from a light sleep and flown out in Marine One along with his wife Mary and daughter Mackenzie. They had boarded Air Force One and taken off in record time; they were still rubbing the sleep out of their eyes when they reached cruising altitude. President Conroy still didn’t know what the threat was until he dressed and appeared in the videoconferencing room on the plane. Secretary of defense Merrill Stroud appeared on the monitor, a grave expression on his face.

Mr. President, I am sorry to inform you that there have been hostile nuclear detonations in the Middle East within the last hour. Conroy’s mouth fell open, and then he said “How bad is it Merrill, give me the straight story”. Stroud said, “It is bad Mr. President, there have been six high yield nuclear blasts in Iran, Tehran seems to be hardest hit because it was the most populous area. Conroy then asked “What happened, Merrill”?

Stroud said “It seems at this point that it was retaliatory, the Iranians launched three high yield nuclear Shahab-3 medium range ballistic missiles at Israel. Israel then countered with Arrow interceptors as a defense shield. The Arrows successfully intercepted all three of the Shahab-3’s before they even reached Israeli airspace. What happened next is still a little fuzzy Mr. President, we are still trying to piece things together, but it appears that sea based ICBM’s were fired from the Gulf of Oman in retaliation, but they were not Israeli. Conroy’s mouth dropped open again in shock, he had fully expected the nuclear explosions to have been retaliatory strikes from Israel, but if not them, then who?

It was the Russians sir, they had a sub in the Gulf, and when it determined that Iran had fired on Israel, it attacked Iran. Russia is currently awaiting Israel’s answer on whether or not they will join the league, I would say Israel will surely join now. Conroy was stunned, he had been hoping he would never see a nuclear strike in his lifetime, much less during his Presidency, and he knew the world would never be the same again.

                                                *          *          *

Tim and Carrie awoke Sunday morning to the horrible news of what had happened in the Middle East. Tim didn’t know where they were headed yet, but he knew it was north somewhere and he knew they had a long way to go, considering they lived in Phoenix Arizona. As he and Carrie watched ANN, the American News Network, they couldn’t help but feel a sense of urgency to get on the road as quickly as possible. President Conroy was on television condemning the attack by the Russians, and applauding the action of Israel in successfully defending itself from attack without counter-attacking. President Conroy said there were still a lot of unanswered questions about why the Russians had chosen to attack Iran. He condemned the Russian attack, stating that while Iran had attacked Israel, it was the government of Iran that had attacked Israel, not the citizens. It was way too early to estimate loss of life, but estimates were already saying it would be over two million people, because all of the warheads had landed in Iran’s major population centers.

As sad as this all was, Tim knew it would help the elders segue into the difficult talk that they needed to have with the church later this morning. While they were watching, a news anchor broke in on the Presidents press conference to say that there was breaking news. The President of Russia, Vladimir Petrovski would be holding a press conference, and the network would be covering it live. They also promised to cut back to the Presidents address immediately following the Russian President’s press conference. Immediately President Conroy disappeared and a podium at the Kremlin became visible. A few seconds later, Petrovski quickly took the podium and greeted the World League of Nations, and any of the other nations that may be watching.

While Tim and Carrie watched, he told of the events that had occurred, and their response to them. A covert nuclear sub had been on a cruise in the Gulf of Oman when radar had picked up the launch of three medium range ballistic missiles from Iran. The destination of the missiles was quickly determined to be Israel, and the missiles were identified as Shahab-3’s. Recently, on ground intelligence in Iran has reported that Iran had recently fitted advanced nuclear warheads onto ten of the missiles. Our on ground intel. even provided us with photographs of the nuclear armed missiles, and based on the intelligence that we had, we were able to verify that the missiles that Iran launched were Shahab-3’s, and it didn’t take much imagination to realize that they were the nukes.

Upon realization that Israel, and even Palestine were under attack, we had an opportunity to defend Israel, and launch a crippling attack against Iran, and I made the snap decision to do so. Had those missiles reached Israel, the vast majority of the country would have been destroyed. Even though the missile defense was successful, Iran would not have stopped, they would have kept firing everything they had until either they ran out of missiles or they successfully destroyed Israel. The world has been reaching out to this tyrannous regime for decades without results, it is time our world lived in peace.

Yes, sadly there were innocent people killed, and a lot of them, but every war has casualties, every war has collateral damage, and sadly the innocents of Iran had to pay that heavy price because of their countries leadership. I also caution any world leaders that have aspirations of starting new wars or performing terrorist acts against any nations that belong to the league, an attack against one is an attack against all. The time for tyranny is past, peace is the future for the League of Nations, and anyone who would take that away will be dealt with in the same manner as Iran. He paused for a moment and seemed to gather his thoughts, then smiled warmly and said “I would like to welcome our newest nation Israel to the League of Nations, they have kindly requested membership in the League, and they were accepted with open arms. Vladimir then began clapping enthusiastically as the crowd surrounding his podium also began to clap. Tim and Carrie couldn’t believe it, the largest nuclear strike of all time had just occurred and the Russian President was clapping warmly and congratulating Israel for becoming a member of his club. They knew one thing; they needed to get out of here soon.

                                                *          *          *

President Conroy was beyond angry; he couldn’t even give a press conference in his own country without being interrupted anymore. The networks had cut him off to carry the press conference given by the Russian President, he was taking top billing even in America these days. Conroy leaned back in the plush leather desk chair at his private office at Camp David and let out a heavy sigh. He looked up at Tom, his faithful secret service agent. “Tom, can you give me a few minutes of privacy please”? “The brawny secret service agent said “I don’t think it is a good idea Mr. President, not with the things that have occurred today”. “Tom, please, a little latitude if you will”? Yes sir, Mr. President, Tom said and he stepped out of the door. Lerner Conroy poured himself a stiff drink of bourbon and began to sip it as he looked out the window at nothing in particular.

How are you Lerner, a voice said from behind him? Tom, I said I just wanted some…. he said as he turned around, stopping in mid-sentence when he saw who was speaking to him. Petrovski, how could he have possibly gotten here so fast, who would allow him into the president’s personal office without an announcement? “Mr. President, I am here to close the deal on the U.S. joining the League”. Conroy was aghast, “well Vlad, don’t hold your breath, because it will be a cold day in…… Vlad held his hand up palm out to silence the President. America will join without your help or approval Mr. President, the Russian said coolly. Conroy tried to answer but found he could no longer speak, his voice was gone. Vladimir glided over to Conroy as the American President tried to back up but found he had also lost the ability to move. Vladimir raised his hands and President Conroy began to rise up off of the ground as fear began to flood his heart. He found himself standing on the presidential desk, he tried to scream but no words escaped his lips. He tried to jump off of the desk, but he couldn’t move and he was terrified. Suddenly he felt something around his neck and looked down to find a noose around his neck, the other side tied over the log rafter. He looked at the Russian President, who was now smiling. I extended a warm invitation to you Mr. President, you had every opportunity to join me, yet you chose to snub the League of Nations. You alone have stood in the way of my destiny, so this must be your future. Conroy pleaded with his eyes to the Russian, but the Russian President was cold as he extended his hand toward Conroy. Vlad then said, “by the way, I don’t think I ever told you my middle name did I, you might want to remember it for the afterlife, it’s Sartan”. With that, Vlad yanked his hand back toward himself and Conroy slipped off of the corner of his desk. Vlad stood and watched as the life drained from the once powerful American President, until finally all that was left was a lifeless corpse. Vlad, also called Sartan, then turned and walked through the wall of the rustic cabin.  God Bless-JFT

To be Continued– The Master of Chaos – XXVI

Note: This series is a work of fiction entirely, for entertainment purposes only, all rights reserved.

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A Fiction Series; Begin Here   The Master of Chaos

Tim and Carrie entered the classroom that their boys usually went to on Sunday mornings for Sunday school and took two chairs that were arranged in a circle. The nine elders of their church greeted them with hellos and handshakes before they sat, and then waited quietly for Tim to begin. Tim cleared his throat nervously and then began to tell them about his dream, or the vision that he had while dreaming. He expected the men to think he was crazy as he laid out the story, but they didn’t, they listened as he unfolded the message the angel had given him. He ended by telling them that the angel had awakened him, and remained in full view so that he would know it was real, and not just a dream. When he was finished, he waited for them to comment. The elders looked from one to another, and then one of them known as Sam Preston spoke first. Tim, we have all had similar visions, the angel you described was the same one that visited each one of us. In our vision, we were told that our country as we know it would dissolve, and that our allegiance is to be to God before country. That a time of great tribulation is at hand, and that one who has the means and the guidance from the Holy Spirit will be coming to see us. We are to gather our families and the families of our flock and to trust the leading of the one who comes to us. We were all told that our flock will not question us but will follow our gentle leading, and the leading of the one who comes to us.

Another of the elders named Nathan Brass spoke next. In my vision, I was told that we will be preparing a place for others in the remnant that will be coming seeking safety during the dark days ahead. And that we are to help you in gathering what we need, which will be a lot. I was instructed that we are not to delay even one day in our preparations, because time is of the essence.

Tim didn’t know what to say, he looked around the room at the other serious faces that stared back at him and nodded. Great then, we are all agreed. While I don’t know exactly where it is that we are going, I do know it is north, and that we will need to prepare ourselves for life in the north. Church meets tomorrow, so you need to talk to the congregation about this and find out who has four wheel drive vehicles, and make a list of the families that don’t. The angel told me that the congregation will follow us, so don’t be afraid when you talk to them. We need to begin buying food, clothing and supplies for our group times four for several years to come, and we need to buy things that will last and not perish, canned goods, dehydrated food, warm clothing and bedding etc.. Whoever doesn’t have a four wheel drive vehicle needn’t worry, we will buy them one, and money is no object. Let’s go home and get a good night’s sleep, because the work begins tomorrow. Sam led them in a closing prayer and they dismissed, knowing their lives would never be the same again.

                                               *          *          *

Ben-Asher stood before the Wailing Wall again; he seemed to be there during all of his waking hours as of late. Behind the barriers there was an enormous crowd these days, ever since he had announced his vision that Elijah had returned. People were hoping to be there the next time he had a vision, Ben-Asher had become quite popular among the Jews. Without warning he stood and stretched out both of his arms and said; God’s chosen have come under attack, take shelter now. Everyone in the crowd looked at him in question, trying to understand what it was that he was saying. He lowered his eyes and shouted in a voice louder than a normal man could shout, “I said take shelter, now”!

They heard it before they saw it, the deep rumble of several large Arrow missiles being launched at once. The sky became a canvas of white streaks as Arrow missiles sought their unseen targets. The streets of Jerusalem became a scene of chaos as people ran in all directions, seeking shelter from the attack that they knew was coming. Air raid sirens began to blare all around the holy city as more missiles were launched from unseen sites.

A trio of Shahab-3 Iranian medium range ballistic missiles was headed for Israel, two for Jerusalem, one for Tel Aviv. They were all armed with high yield nuclear warheads; the two headed for Jerusalem were enough to level everything and render it un-inhabitable for centuries to come. The supreme leader of Iran Ali Khomeini had personally pushed the button that had launched the attack; it was the beginning of the end of Israel. There was much celebration in the command center as the Iranians danced in the aisles at the thought of the destruction of the Zionist state.

A man that was tracking the missiles across Iraqi airspace called loudly for quiet and the celebrations stopped as everyone looked at the party pooper. He wasn’t smiling but had stress and tension on his face as his hands worked quickly on the keyboard. How can this be, he asked no one in particular? What is it, Khomeini asked impatiently? Sir, according to my radar we have incoming. Khomeini looked annoyed, of course you do, they are sending up their missile interceptors. How did you get this job if you are not smart enough to know that they would try to shoot down the missiles we launched at them? No sir, these are not countermeasure interceptors, these are ICBM’s coming at us, and not from Israel, but from the Gulf of Oman. They were sea launched and we are the target sir. There are two targeting Tehran, one is on a course for Shiraz, two at Tabriz, and one at Isfahan. They are coming in fast sir, our defense missiles are being launched as we speak. The young radar tech’s screen was a beehive of activity, following the outbound nuclear missiles, and the appearance of the Arrow missiles just entering his screen, the inbound ICBM’s and the interceptors that were just now launching. Khomeini lost his composure, “The American’s”; we should have blown their subs out of the water when we had the chance. Sir, the radar tech said, the inbound missiles do not have an American radar signature, they are Russian. Khomeini was stunned as he watched the inbound missiles streak right past the interceptors on the radar screen, their interceptors were not fast enough, they had not stopped them. Fire everything you have now, shoot those missiles down now boy or I will personally remove your head when this is over. More missiles came onto the radar screen in an attempt to take out the inbound ICBM’s, but the missiles kept coming. Sir, there is nothing I can do, our missiles are too late. Then, as they watched, the first of the three medium range ballistic missiles that they had launched at Israel disappeared from the screen along with the Arrow missile that was tracking it, then the second and finally the third. The Iranian Shahab-3 long range missiles had been shot down. Without another word Khomeini turned and ran for the access door to the underground fallout shelter below the command center. Although the command center was underground, it wasn’t deep underground, not deep enough to be safe from a nuclear attack. He never made it to the door; the massive explosion collapsed the concrete roof of the command station in on all of the people inside. Those who were dancing at the thought of Israel’s destruction just minutes before had become the target, and as it turns out, the people of Israel would be dancing in the streets at their survival from such a horrific attack. Iran had been so focused on destroying Israel that they had not even considered the possibility of being attacked from the other side. All of Iran’s major cities were incinerated beneath the shadow of a Russian mushroom cloud.  God Bless-JFT

To be Continued– The Master of Chaos – XXV

Note: This series is a work of fiction entirely, for entertainment purposes only, all rights reserved.

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A Fiction Series; Begin Here   The Master of Chaos

President Lerner Conroy was a ball of nerves on the inside, but he was a cool character on the outside, it was something he had always been able to do, acting calm under pressure. He had lost his voter base in the wake of the tsunami debacle by not following his own gut instinct and declaring emergencies on the less affected states above Florida. The Russians were the heroes by coming to the rescue and he had been labeled as a lame president, something he knew inside he wasn’t. Now those same voters that had placed him in office were calling for him to accept membership in the World League, they saw that as an end to all of their problems. Vlad had made the rounds to many of the 198 countries in the world, and right now he was running about 75% acceptance. The world was being flooded with his “world dollar”, backed by Russia; so far their countries were flourishing. Russia had mandated a high minimum wage in the member countries, effectively ending the class differences and raising the standard of living for everyone. Now his own American voters were protesting outside the White House, demanding our leaders swear allegiance to Vlad and the League. Not on my watch, he thought, not on my watch.

Vlad was shown into the Oval Office and President Conroy greeted the Russian president warmly for the press photo op, but inside he wanted to wash his hands after the handshake. This man was here to take control of his country, and he wasn’t about to let it happen. After the greeting and coffee was served, the two leaders were alone in the room except one secret service agent each, and Vlad wasted no time. President Conroy, you know why I am here. The reason I have waited as long as I have to offer membership in the World League to you is because I knew America would be the most hesitant to join. I wanted to allow the other countries in the league to prosper so that you would see how good membership would be by their example.

Conroy raised his hand and said, “Pardon me President Petrovski, but I want to save both of us a little time. America is a sovereign nation, built on sovereign principles and will never swear allegiance to a foreign power. You are wasting your time here sir, we will not be a part of your league”.

Vlad sighed heavily and said “Yes, I know you won’t. You are a proud country, and you have always been a proud country, but are you sure you represent your citizens here today? As my motorcade drove through the city, there were thousands of protesters outside the gates of this White House holding signs imploring you to join me. It seems to me and to the other members of the League that America is ready for a change. Join me and you will reinstate confidence in your voter base, and I will insure your re-election next year”.

Conroy balked, “You will insure my re-election? This is America, only the people will decide who gets elected, not you. I hope to be re-elected, but if the people choose someone else, then that is their right, that is democracy at its best. This meeting is over” Conroy said hotly and stood, holding his open palm towards the door, a sign that he wanted Vlad to leave. Vlad stood and smiled confidently, thanking President Conroy for his time and extending his hand to shake. Conroy just let Vlad’s hand hang in midair, refusing the handshake. Unflappable, Vlad smiled and walked calmly out the door without another word, and then he was gone, leaving Conroy alone in the Oval Office.

                                                *          *          *

Tim slept next to Carrie, and as he slept he began to dream. He was in that state where he was asleep, yet was aware of his surroundings, a shallow sleep he referred to as “the twilight zone”, a place where he was able to dream yet was aware of himself. He was approached by someone he knew instantly as Gabriel, although the angel introduced himself as “An angel of the Lord”. Gabriel then began to speak, “Tim, I come bringing a message for you from the Alpha and the Omega. You are to know that you will be a leader of His remnant. You are to tell the leaders in your church of this vision and the words I say to you, and they will know that these instructions have come from the Lord your God. Use your resources and stock up with supplies of food and sustenance, and with weapons to defend yourselves against the enemies of God, who will soon rule the world for a time. Travel north; using the Spirit as your guide, and go to the place you are led to, a place that He has set aside for you to endure the great tribulations that are coming. Be true to your God and He will never leave you. Do not doubt this vision and do not delay in obeying what you have been told, for time is short and you have been chosen. A time of great persecution is coming for the children of God, and there will be many martyrs in the coming months and years, but you and your remnant will be given safe passage, and you will escape persecution by the evil one. Now awaken so that you know this was not just a dream”. Tim awoke instantly and opened his eyes. The room was aglow and a giant figure dressed in shining armor stood at the end of the bed, with a gleaming sword in his hand. “Now you have seen me while you are awake Tim, and you know this was not a dream, do as your God has commanded you through me; go and lead”. The big angel then disappeared as Tim gasped at what he had just seen; he then looked to Carrie, still sleeping at his side. He jumped out of bed and stood panting heavily at the vision he had just witnessed, waking Carrie up. “What’s wrong Tim”, she asked? He looked down at her and didn’t know what to say, how could he explain this, so he just looked back at her and stared as she climbed out of bed.

                                               *          *          *

All of the angels in Heaven surrounded the throne of the Alpha and the Omega, singing praises to Him. The four living creatures surrounded the throne on all sides, and around the throne were the twenty-four elders of Heaven, seated on their thrones. As the four living creatures said constantly “Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty, who was, and is, and is to come.”  As the four living creatures gave glory, honor and thanks to Him seated on the throne, the twenty four elders would fall down before Him and lay their crowns down before him saying “You are worthy, our Lord and God, to receive glory and honor and power, for you created all things, and by your will they were created and have their being.” Lauren Brooke, Ivy, Kennady, Michael and Gabriel fell down in worship too as the Lamb broke the 2nd seal, and one of the living creatures said “Come”, Then another horse came out, a fiery red one. Its rider was given power to take peace from the earth and to make people kill each other. To him was given a large sword.  God Bless-JFT

To be Continued–  The Master of Chaos – XXIV

Note: This series is a work of fiction entirely, for entertainment purposes only, all rights reserved.

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A Fiction Series; Begin Here   The Master of Chaos

Josh Simpson nursed an unsweetened iced tea across from Samantha in the burger joint he had taken her to for dinner. Sam had actually found him to be fairly unflappable as a trader, taking the losses better than most. He was not what she had expected when she first met him. He had turned out to be quite the gentleman, controlled and disciplined. When they had first begun to see one another, she turned on the charm and had tried to seduce him, but he had not responded as she had hoped, instead kissing her on the forehead and saying goodnight. After several attempts at seducing him, she had discovered that he was a follower of the enemy, a “devoted” one and was not going to be an easy trophy on her shelf. Even though she was a warrior for the other side, she felt a spark of something she had never felt before, admiration. She knew it must be a side effect of living in this human form, as with other feelings she had encountered since the beginning of her mission. She had felt guilt, happiness, euphoria, longing and another feeling that she couldn’t yet describe that caused an ache in the middle of her chest, and it only came when she thought of Josh. She didn’t understand them, but no matter, she had a job to do and she would stick it out until the end, feelings or no feelings he was just a pleasant distraction from the mission. The master had told her that pleasure in excess was one of the biggest tools to be used against mankind, so certainly he wouldn’t mind if she enjoyed a little of it too.

The market was bust; it had been dropping for months now and was at an all time low, at levels not seen since the 80’s. Clients were bailing now in record numbers, doing exactly what they were “not” supposed to do, selling low in an attempt to keep from losing everything. The effects were being felt worldwide as other markets were at all time lows too. The only ones that seemed to be doing great were the Russians, and they were flush with money right now. Josh emptied the last of his iced tea and asked the waitress for a refill. She took his glass and said “coming right up hon, but I am going to have to charge you for the refill, our owner said no more freebies”. He said okay and she headed off to get it, he then smiled at Sam and said “things are getting pretty bad when you can’t get a refill of iced tea for free anymore”. It was true though, the banks had quit loaning money except to the very wealthy, and the unemployment rate was higher than it had been since the 70’s because companies were laying off. Small businesses were closing their doors in record numbers, and foreclosures and homelessness were at never before seen highs, the country was on the edge of complete economic collapse. The waitress set his refilled tea before him and he smiled at Sam and said “oh well, easy come easy go, at least I have good company and the best burger in the Big Apple in front of me, things could be a lot worse”. She chuckled and took a bite from her sandwich thinking “if you only knew”.

                                               *          *          *

“I do” Tim said staring deeply into the eyes of the woman he had always loved. “Then by the power vested in me, I now pronounce you husband and wife, you may kiss the bride” the pastor said as Tim kissed Carrie passionately in front of the small gathering of friends and family. The divorce had never gone through, they had stopped it in time, but Tim insisted that they be remarried anyway because he knew their lives had changed so much, there had been so many miles since that first wedding, he wanted to do it over.

They had sold the big mansion that contained nothing but bad memories, and moved back into the small house that held so many good ones, but Tim did have the kitchen remodeled for her. Tim had gone through rehab and cleaned himself up from the drinking and the cocaine, and had done everything he could to set his life right again, but this time they grew their marriage around God, and He had blessed it. They had set themselves up with a modest salary from the lotto winnings and just let the interest grow the balance; that is until the first week of the stock market plunge. Tim had decided to pull the money out of the market within a day or two of the initial plummet, and it had proven to be an almost prophetic move. Their initial winnings of 196 million after taxes, and spending a few million on cars and houses had grown substantially in the markets initial gains, and had swelled to 287 million. They would have lost most of it had Tim not removed it from the market when he did. Even though the money had almost ruined them, Tim was walking by the Spirit now, and the Spirit had led him to act as he had, protecting it. Tim had even gone a step further afterwards and removed it from the bank, which turned out to be one of the largest cash withdrawals they had ever done. They then divided the money up into several large sums and stored them in large fireproof safes at different locations, this move too they felt was Spirit led. They had no idea what the money was to be used for, but they knew it was important to protect it, so that is what they did.

                                               *          *          *

Vladimir Petrovski laid out his plan before the Presidents of China, Greece, Italy, and a host of other small nations in what would be known as the first of the “world summits”. “Russia has remained strong during this time of economic crisis. It has been able to aid its brother nations at a time when the U.S. has not been able to. In fact, we have even been able to aid them at a time when their own infrastructure was not able to provide aid in their time of need. During the past decades, even centuries as other countries have swelled with prosperity, Russia has struggled with its own tyrannical leaders at the helm, using fear and what is tantamount to communist slavery to keep order. But those days are gone now, and our country has flourished in the wake that memory. I come to you now with an olive branch my brothers, an olive branch and a promise of brotherhood unlike any in the history of the world”.

“In the past, the United Nations has been the standard for world cooperation, built on the foundation of policing the nations and preventing tyranny, setting a humanitarian standard and for all nations to live by. As we have all seen, this has not been effective. We still have tyranny, human slavery, genocide’s, persecution and government sponsored terrorism occurring worldwide. Consider if you will Somalia, a country with no effective government. In the absence of leadership, leaders will rise to the surface and take control. Somalia is governed by drug crazed gangs who kill UN troops and take the food we ship there in the hopes of feeding the millions of starving families who cry out for help. Darfur is very near to the same, a land where there is almost no clean water for its people to drink, where most of the children who are born will not live until their first birthday. A country where 50% of its citizens are infected with AIDS, and there are no medications to treat them, and no education to teach them how to stop its spread. The UN has outlived its usefulness brothers, and I have a proposal that will usher in a new era of cooperation among the nations”.

“Ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters, heads of state, I propose the formation of a new governing force for the world, one that will reach out and meet the needs of those countries, as well as those in every corner of the earth. I propose the formation of the World League of Nations”. As he spoke a curtain behind him began to part and a huge screen became visible, a slide show then began. Pictures of starving children in Somalia were cued up; their little bloated bellied evoking gasps from the crowd of world leaders. Another slide came up showing families begging for food at the back of a UN food truck manned by well fed rebels in shorts and sunglasses, gold chains around their necks and camouflaged jackets on carrying AK-47 assault rifles. Another slide was cued of the same scene, only the truck was gone and the bullet riddled bodies of the families shown in the earlier slide remained. The next slide showed a massive rocket on a mobile launcher with Arabic writing across the rounded nose, subtitles translated the writing for the guests and read “for the destruction of the Zionist regime, may you rot in hell”. Vlad explained that the photo had been taken two days ago inside Iran’s secret nuclear complex, and that it was ready to fly along with nine others just like it; it was enough to obliterate Israel completely.

The slide show continued for another 30 minutes as Vlad explained the pictures one by one. When it was finished, a slide of the world’s continents came up, and Vlad turned to face the crowd again. Brothers and sisters, I ask you to join me in the formation of the World League of Nations, and let us create a world that is safe for all of us, a world that will be safe for all of our children, and their children as well. I will lead the league, and all of you according to my plan will remain presidents of your own countries. You will have not only the backing of your own countries military should you need it, but also that of all of the nations in the league. Your economy’s strength will no longer be regional as they are now, but we will replace our currency with a “world dollar”, which will be backed by all of the member countries. Together we can end unemployment, poverty, starvation, and homelessness. We can provide clean drinking water to those who do not have the technology to help themselves, and we can end tyrannical rule on a worldwide basis.

A slide of the world dollar appeared on the screen; the picture on the dollar was that of the Chinese president, which was obviously a surprise as he grinned proudly. Vlad continued “each of you will appear on the dollar of your country, although the dollar will be accepted mutually in all of the member countries. I have taken the liberty of printing up all that is needed to begin the process; currency has already been minted to replace the currencies in circulation within your countries. All that is needed are your agreements to join the league and become united in our worldwide goals, and then to pledge loyalty to me as your leader in the league.

By the end of the summit, everyone who had attended pledged their loyalty to the leader, even China. There had been much personal talk with Vlad during the two days following the initial speech; the leaders had questions, most of them revolving around the retention of their own power. In the end though everyone was more afraid of what it would mean to not be in the World League of Nations, and nobody wanted to be on the wrong side of Vlad and his league, they knew they would rather be on the inside than on the outside looking in.   God Bless-JFT

To be Continued–  The Master of Chaos – XXIII

Note: This series is a work of fiction entirely, for entertainment purposes only, all rights reserved.

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