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I believe that all Christians are called to serve God in their own special way, using their talents and skills to further God’s kingdom on earth. First off, I want to say that I have spent the majority of my life going to Church, warming a pew, and just trying to be a dad and husband. I have not always even been very good at either of those things, but I have always wanted to be good. I have wasted a lot of good time by not sharing the Gospel when I had an opportunity to do so. What I am saying, is as a Christian, I have spent much of my life in cruise control, content to have a good Prayer relationship with the Lord, and occasionally sharing the word when opportunities fell in my lap. Is this enough, is this serving the Lord? That is something that must be answered personally, and for me it is not.

Recently, I was talking to God, and I told him that I wished I had the Faith to leave the comfort and security of my job and go into the mission field full time. To go to work sowing the seed full time, spreading his word in some Un-Churched part of the world. I have always admired people who have had the Faith and trust to do that. My reason for Praying that prayer, and feeling that way, is that I felt as though I was not doing enough to spread his word, not having an impact for the Lord. (Be careful what you pray for, you just might get it).

Within a week, a neighbor that I have been inviting to Church for 2 years walked into my garage and asked if be could go to Church with me, A dear friend at work allowed me the chance to tell him about Christ and how he will carry our burden if we let him, and thus began many hours of talking about God and his Son Jesus. Another neighbor and I were talking about God, and he expressed interest in coming to Church, as his walk had lost it’s purpose. and I have since had the opportunity to share Christ with three other neighbors. It has truly been amazing!!

I guess my point to this blog is, God places us where he wants us. He wants us to spread the word in our neighborhoods. Many times, we will spread the word to our neighbors about a trustworthy mechanic, or a carpet cleaner, or some sort of business that was a good value, by word of mouth. We can do the same with God’s word. I asked God to put me in a mission field, because I didn’t feel effective where I am, and he gave me what I asked for.

Mark 16:15   15He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation.

God be with you all!

In Him



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