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I listened to the two young men talk about the events of the previous week. The lines of support versus the lines of protest that had formed outside of the Chick-fil-A restaurants across our nation. I knew one of the young men well. “Brent” is a good Christian man having just turned twenty and is working his way through college. The other one “Nick” a recent college grad about twenty-two, a new employee at my physical therapist’s. I have only met Nick a couple of times, but he also seems like a very nice, intelligent young man as well, and both of them have a great work ethic. 

A television on the wall was cued to the news, where they were still doing stories on the event that had begun as a challenge by the Arkansas governor to garner support for the company and it’s owner to believe as he wishes. As they both gazed at the television, the young newcomer Nick said “All of those Christians have no problem going out to buy chicken in support of this, but you sure don’t see them all at the homeless shelters in those numbers do you? I mean think about it, if all those Christians around the nation came out at once to help the homeless, and did it every day, there would be no homeless.”

I was enraged inside, I wanted to point my finger at him and tell him to stop judging the followers of Christ of the world, and where did he even get that just because those people were all in line, they were even all Christians? Are Christians the only ones who enjoy the food at Chick-fil-A? I think not. I wanted to refute him in every way I could, counting off the reasons why he was wrong to make such a statement, but in the end, I said nothing. I said nothing because I knew that what he said was right. Many of those in line “were” my brothers and sisters in Christ, and they were merely trying to support another brother in Christ who had made a bold statement in a politically correct world, and come under fire for it.

But I must also stop and consider the way I look at people who are in high positions, celebrities, politicians, Etc. who use their positions of authority as moxie to make a point. I don’t like it when celebrities use their status and considerable wealth to influence politicians by whispering in their ears, the Sarandon’s and Streisand’s, Turner’s and Trump’s. Therefore how can I say it is okay for someone on the Christian right to do one thing that I think is wrong for someone on the opposite to do. I think that if someone is good at being an actress, they should act, or an actor, the same. If someone is a great real estate investor, then that is what they should stick with, as well as a Christian brother who sells chicken. Am I saying that someone should not be bold when expressing ones beliefs? Not at all, I have no problem with what he said, I admire his willingness to stand up for his beliefs, but in doing so, flak is just something to be expected.

The thing that bothered me the most about what this young man Nick said was that I knew he spoke the truth. It made me wonder why he would think such things about us as Christians, had he been around people who were more talk than action? Had he been interested in becoming a Christian and been turned off by our hipocrisy? I knew deep down that what he said was correct though, we are eager to stand up and “tell” everyone what we believe. But haven’t we been doing that since the beginning of time, isn’t it time that we begin to “show” people what we believe by our actions instead?

I cannot speak for anyone else, only for myself. And although I actually like the chicken there (not a huge fan of the waffle fries though), I did not go out and buy chicken that day in support, I was working all day. I am also not much of a bandwagon guy either, preferring not to jump in and swim with the rest of the salmon just because it seems like the thing to do, every time I have done that I always seem to be eating a heaping helping of humble pie afterwards for one reason or other. But I “do” know that I could spend more time giving to those who have a need, and I do know that we as followers of Christ could make a “HUGE” impact on our world if we were to offer up time and money to those in need in the same way that we did in standing by the owner of this company and his right to express his belief in the biblical model for marriage.

There will always be controversy, there will always be platforms, and there will always be the poor as Jesus has said (Matthew 26:11). But our ministry is not one where we will win souls to Christ by standing on a street corner and preaching to those who pass us by, those days are mostly gone. Our ministry will best be seen by our love, kindness and generosity to those who are struggling through life. Nick, the young and idealistic man who recently began working with my physical therapist convicted me. He gave me a view of the Christian conglomerate through the eyes of the undecided, or possibly those who have even already rejected our way because of our willingness to wear our faith as a badge of “pride”, rather than to greet those in need with a washbasin and a towell (John 13:1-17).

So, does this convict you in the way that it does me? Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think there is anything wrong with anyone who went out and supported this brother, but it shouldn’t be the foundation from which the world sees us as Christ followers. When they think of us, the lines at the Chick-fil-A should not represent what we stand for to them, but rather as servants of Jesus and those He referred to as “the least of these” (Matthew 25:40).

As always, may God bless and keep you!



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A Fiction Series; Begin Here   The Master of Chaos

The old office was gone, in its place a grand staircase as wide at the base as the entire office had been. The stairs were carved out of black obsidian and shined like glass as they wound ever upward. When they finally terminated at a landing, there were a series of twenty-four thrones also of carved obsidian, and regal in design. Seated at the twenty-four thrones were twenty-four kings wearing twenty-four crowns of gold, and singing praises. Inside the circle of thrones, the stairs began again, although much narrower and arose to another landing. On this landing, there was another throne, much larger and more opulent than the ones below it. The king of kings sat at his throne, wearing a huge gold and jeweled crown, and a silk robe spun from the finest, the cuffs at his wrists were silver, like that of the Alpha and the Omega’s. He smiled at his surroundings; it was good to be king indeed.

Lucifer’s kings were nothing more than demons selected at random to do as they were told, but it certainly made him feel much more important. Lucifer sat and listened to his demons chant in the kingdom he had fashioned after the heavenly one, and he wondered. Everyone was always taunting him with the scripture, every time he had a victory, there was always some angel there to say, “Yes Satan, but never forget how it ends”. He was sick of it, his people were ruling the vast majority of the earth these days, wasn’t it just possible that he could turn the tables on them? Wasn’t it possible he could catch them off guard and write his own future? He loathed the enemy for all of His righteousness, like that was ever any fun. No, Lucifer had a plan, and scripture or no scripture, prophecy or no prophecy; he was bound and determined to hang on to his kingdom no matter what it took. He leaned back in his throne chair and sighed heavily, it was good to be king, or god, yes, it was good to be a god.

                                                *          *          *

                MONDAY EVENING, 7:25 pm

“Are you out of your flipping mind, I would lose my license if I did that” said the enraged man across the table from Sam Preston. The DEA monitors all of that activity, and any abuses or even suspected abuses are ferreted out, besides losing my license I could do jail time on top of it, the answer is no.  Sam looked around the table at the other elders and guests, hoping someone would jump in and help him out. Tim cleared his throat, “Bill, excuse me if I am butting in, but I need you to know something. After this week, your license will be useless anyway; if you come with us you will be in a different state or country. Aren’t medical licenses a state by state thing”? The Dr. nodded, then said, it doesn’t matter though, after all of this is over, I will need to begin a new life for my family, and if I have lost my license then that isn’t going to be possible.

Tim nodded soothingly, then said, “Bill, this is it, there won’t be any rebuilding afterward, what we are asking you to do is help us stock the infirmary in the place God has prepared for us, and do it now while we can. When we leave here, you are never going to be coming back”. Bill sat back in his chair with a stunned look on his face, the realization of Tim’s words sinking in for the first time. Tim continued, “Dr. Jordan has made up a list of common prescriptions that are taken by many for a variety of reasons, and we are going to need a lot of them before we leave. We have 347 people ready to go out all over the city to different pharmacies to fill all of the scripts that the seven of you write, but you have to be willing, and you have to be looking at the big picture, none of these meds will ever be abused, what you are doing is not unethical”. Bill just sighed heavy and said, “okay, I will do it, but I won’t like it”. Tim smiled, that’s good enough for me.

                                                *          *          *

The death of president Conroy dominated the news, flags were to be flown at half-staff for one week, the funeral was set for Tuesday at 1pm. Ted Sackett was just hoping there would be no bumps in the road that would require him to do anything presidential. He had just met with the Army Chief of Staff on budget issues when his aid said that there was a call waiting for him, and that it was president Petrovski. He told the aid that he would take it in the oval office. A secret serviceman escorted the president into the office, and then Sackett dismissed the man, to which the man replied, “I am sorry Mr. President, someone is to be with you at all times”. Sackett just turned and went to the desk without another word and answered the phone. “President Sackett, I just wanted to extend to you our condolences on behalf of every nation in the League”. Thank you Vlad, said Sackett kindly, it was so unexpected, we never suspected that Lerner was suicidal, you think you know someone. Yes, I couldn’t agree more, I never saw president Conroy like that, he was always such a strong man, such a leader. Sackett agreed, thinking how he wished the man was still alive so he could finish the job he had started.

Ted, I am going to be in town for the funeral tomorrow afternoon, I was wondering if we could meet for dinner and a drink afterwards? Sackett had always been impressed with Petrovski, unlike Conroy who thought the man was rotten to the core. Sure Vlad, I can make time, I will have my secretary set things up with yours, will two hours do? That should be more than enough time, said Vlad as he smiled wickedly into the phone, that will be perfect.

                                                *          *          *

                                 TUESDAY MORNING, 1:32 AM

Tim couldn’t sleep, so he was out in the garage going through cabinets, sorting the things that he would be taking from the things he would be leaving behind. He was so tired, and his mind so full and heavy as he went through each cabinet systematically. He found his old ball glove from little league and smiled at the memory, noting the leather was now cracked and brittle. He remembered putting leather balm on it every week, and every time he wasn’t using it for practice or game, he had kept a baseball in the mitt with rubber bands around it, so that the glove would hold its form. He smiled as he placed it in the “to go” box then turned back to the cabinet. He threw a couple of cans of old spray paint away revealing an old stash of Wild Turkey whiskey he had forgotten about, the bottle almost full. He stared up at it for a moment, and then pulled the bottle down and looked at the label, wondering how long it had been there. He unscrewed the lid and placed the mouth of the bottle beneath his nose, smelling the strong drink. Memories of many nights lost in the bottle came flooding back to him, but also the memory of the numbness from pain and hurt, and as much as he hated to admit it, he longed for that escape now. He looked at the bottle longingly, like the forbidden fruit of a lost love, sin whispering into his ear that one night would be okay, no one would ever know about it. He thought about all of the responsibility that had been heaped on his shoulders since the dream-vision, whatever it was that he had had. Why him, surely there were many much more capable leaders than him out there, why didn’t God lean on them. Then he realized he was feeling sorry for himself, so he walked over to the large garage sink by the washer and dryer, and unscrewed the top again. He poured the entire bottle down the drain, then screwed the cap back on and tossed it into the trash. It was time for bed.   God Bless-JFT

To be Continued–

Note: This series is a work of fiction entirely, for entertainment purposes only, all rights reserved.

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Note: This series is a work of fiction entirely, for entertainment purposes only, all rights reserved.

Lauren followed Ashley as they walked between the many rows of beautiful flowers standing nearly shoulder high and ripe for the harvest. Ashley explained that they were all hybrids, and that they would fully regenerate within a matter of hours of being cut, then stop growing and await the next harvest, they were unlike any plants Lauren had ever seen, but after all, this was Heaven. When she was done they just walked in a comfortable silence for a while, Ashley didn’t feel as though she needed to fill every minute with talk like some did, she was comfortable with silence and Lauren liked that.

The row opened up onto a small clearing in the center of the field, and there was an open sided flat bed wagon being used as a worktable, and three men were busy sorting and clipping roses. Lauren then saw the mule team for the wagon tied off and grazing at the far side of the clearing and erupted into laughter. They looked like normal winged mules from the shoulder up, their color consistent with that of a donkey, but from the shoulder down they were black and white striped. It looked like they had long striped thigh high stockings on; they were the silliest looking living things Lauren had ever seen. Ashley laughed and said, “You must like Joe’s Zadonkey’s huh”? Lauren said, “What did you call them, Zadonkey’s”? Yes Ashley said, someone in the 20th century got the bright idea to cross breed a donkey and a zebra, and the result was the Zadonkey, they are really quite good workers, and not nearly as stubborn as a donkey. Joe here needed a team to pull his wagon, and when he saw these, he thought they were so funny. He laughed hysterically, and so the Alpha and Omega gifted Joe with these as his work team, the rest is history. Ashley then introduced her to the men gathered at the wagon, this is Joseph, this is his brother Benjamin, and their father Israel, who was once Jacob.

Lauren was stunned as she shook their calloused hands in silence. Israel was dark skinned from many days in the sun, as was Joseph, but Benjamin was much lighter skinned. Lauren had so many things she wondered at once, yet no words came from her mouth. Finally Israel, as though reading her mind said to her “You would like to know why I, Israel who was once Jacob am cutting flowers in Heaven, is that right”? Lauren just nodded her agreement and waited for him to continue. “You are wondering why someone who figured so prominently in the Bible would not be in a better position in Heaven, rather than a gardener, certainly there is a more prominent job for me, right”? Again Lauren nodded and waited for him to go on. Israel smiled, I figured prominently in the Bible because God chose me to be what He wanted me to be, not on my own merit. I was a man who tempted his own starving brother with food at the cost of his birthright, and then colluded with my mother to deceive my dying father into blessing me with it when he was all but blind. I even went to such lengths as to put on a disguise, a costume to fool my father that I would inherit his estate rather than my older brother, the rightful heir.

Lauren didn’t know what to say so she just listened. I was just a man, and if I became the father of Israel it is because that is what God has made me, not because I have done anything on my own. Everything comes from the Father, who is, and was, and shall be. I would consider it an honor to spend my eternity in service to the Father; I want to serve Him in all I do for all eternity. Joseph here is no longer my son, but now my brother and my friend, as is Benjamin, and we just enjoy working together, we have all chosen to work here with God’s personal attendants, and we shall consider it an honor to work with you Lauren, he said as he took her hand in both of his. Lauren was so touched; she felt a huge lump forming in the back of her throat.

                                               *          *          *

The other demons stood on the banks of the lake and paced nervously, they knew something was up, they just didn’t know what. Sartan had been in there with the master for several days now, had Lucifer thrown another tantrum and incinerated the poor old demon, they wondered, or was he still alive, they had no idea? Since Lucifer had blacked out the windows and stopped coming and going, they had no idea what was happening. They assumed correctly that he still was able to watch them, so they kicked it up a few notches and returned their lake tender coverage to “pre-tantrum” status.

Inside the office, everything had been transformed, the walls had been covered with graphs and charts, there was even a framed poster of a bunch of skydivers holding hands in mid-flight, and the caption at the bottom said T-E-A-M-W-O-R-K. The office was cool inside, the walls had been painted a light color, and the stalactites on the ceiling were gone, replaced with a smooth texturing. Sartan no longer resembled a demon, but had been given a handsome human form with short, thick, dark hair, a nice button up shirt and slacks, no socks and comfortable penny loafers. Lucifer looked the same, but he had taken the wings off of his features, and was dressed similarly. Sartan had a pencil in his mouth and looked to be deep in thought, he took the pencil out and scribbled something on paper, then said “we need to have an incentive program to reward demons for going above and beyond”. Lucifer nodded and wrote it down also on his note pad, he hated rewarding his minions for doing what they were told to do, but he was trying to think outside of the box. Whatever it took to get Michael back, is what he thought, if he was able to harm Michael, that would hurt God badly too, although He would never admit it.

Sartan said, “first we need to free up some manpower, either that or you need to create some new demons master”. Lucifer knew it would be easier to free up existing demons than to create new ones, it wasn’t as easy as one imagined, you couldn’t just blink a fully trained demon into existence, they were labor intensive. But how would they free up enough help without other things suffering? Sartan smiled and said, “With this master”, and handed him a piece of paper with a large doodle on it, it is an automatic lake rake. Instead of having demons stationed around the lake forking the lost back in, you create this, an automatic grate that pushes the lost back into the lake without the help of demons. Instead of several shifts of hundreds of demons, you go down to maybe three shifts of two, and they just monitor and perform maintenance on the automatic rake”. Lucifer just smiled back, he was glad he hadn’t killed this valuable demon when he had been beaten up by the Spirit, because he was turning out to be quite handy.

                                               *          *          *

Gabriel and Michael called all the angels together to sing praises to God. They all surrounded Him on all sides, encircling His Heavenly throne, thousands upon thousands of angels singing songs of praise at once. Beyond the angels were all of the souls of Heaven, and they too were singing praises. The Alpha and the Omega sat on his throne, at His right hand was a pure white lamb, clean and unblemished, and God had His hand lovingly on Its head, and It was singing too. God raised his hand and everyone stopped singing instantly, and all of Heaven was quiet. He then said “a time of trial and despair is coming on the earth, steel your hearts and place your faith in me, for the tempter’s end approaches”. He then reached down with his left hand and lifted a large gold box with figures of Cherubim and Seraphim on its top; it was the Ark of the Covenant. He carefully removed the top from the box, reached into it and drew something out before placing the large box back beside him and putting its top back on. He then held up a large scroll that had writing on both sides of it, and there were seven seals on the scroll. “Behold, the time draws near when the Son of Man will begin to break the seven seals on this scroll one by one, be prepared My precious children”.   God Bless-JFT

To be Continued– The Master of Chaos – XIV

Note: This series is a work of fiction entirely, for entertainment purposes only, all rights reserved.

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Note: this is a work of fiction entirely, for entertainment purposes only, all rights reserved.

There was great rejoicing as the angels re-entered Heaven following the counter-attack on the enemy, Michael was leading the army. They all landed before the royal throne of the Alpha and Omega and bowed prostrate. God then told them to rise, and He thanked them for defending their charges against the gates of hell. He then told them that there would be a special banquet in honor of the defenders of Heaven, and that everyone in the kingdom would be present. He then dismissed them except for the Archangels Michael and Gabriel, whom he called near to his throne. The two large yet meek angels waited quietly for their God to address them first, and they kept their eyes down always in a show of respect. Finally, God said “Well done servants, well done, I saw no problems today; it appears as though everything went as planned”. Michael answered “yes Father”. After a beat God said “It is time for you to prepare your army for what lies ahead, it is time they knew”. Michael answered “Yes Father, they already suspect; they know it is not over and that more lies ahead”. God looked on thoughtfully for a moment, and then said “ I like the angels you are considering, they are strong warriors, yet filled with compassion, I authorize you to proceed when you are ready using your own judgment”. “Thank you Father”, Michael said bowing slightly. God then said “Oh, and Michael, the spanking was a nice touch”. Michael looked up, God had turned and begun walking back toward His throne, Jesus was still there, and had a barely discernable grin at the corner of His mouth as he too turned following His Father, shaking His head in humor. Gabriel snickered under his breath as Michael looked at him, then spread his palms out and said “what”!

God sat at the head of the enormous table and Jesus sat to His right, the table was beyond anything someone could describe. It was long and wide, and the single cloth of fine linen that covered it was larger than all of the combined sails of the finest sailing ships of the world. God held out one hand and instantly there were platters piled high all around the table with thin white wafers, only a few had ever seen anything like them before and God told them it was manna. God then held out the other hand and more platters appeared, piled high with roasted quail. Jesus then stood and spoke, saying “this is the meal my Father sustained His people Israel with while they lived in the desert for forty years, until they came to the land of Canaan, eat and celebrate the presence of the Father”.

Everyone seated at the table of the Kingdom of Heaven sang praises to the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Everyone ate the sweet bread-like substance and the roasted quail provided by God, the meal went on for a very long time as the souls all enjoyed being able to talk to God at will. It was like nothing one could experience on earth, where one would imagine long lines waiting for a chance to just greet Him. Here, no one competed for His attention, and He gave generously of His time to all. Some would ask him questions that related to their lives on the earth, others no longer cared about that, seeing that it no longer really mattered, they were here now. Many asked questions about creation, how God had done this and that, and he freely answered them all. There was no sense of time; there was nowhere else that anyone had to be and so there was no rush. God took time with everyone, and when the feast finally ended, everyone seated at the table had spent personal time with God, the many millions of them all had an intimate dinner with him.

                                               *          *          *

Michael said “at ease” and she relaxed just slightly, but Lauren was always the servant, even at ease. I have a new assignment for you Lauren, as The Master once said in parable, “You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things.” Lauren showed no emotion as she nodded and said “yes Michael”. Come with me, Michael said and they flew off toward the far ends of the Heavenly kingdom. As they flew over beautiful green valleys and emerald lakes, Lauren couldn’t help but gasp at the beauty below her. As they flew over mountains, a snow white mountain goat stood on an impossible spire below them. Before her eyes he leapt off the cliff and unfolded his great white wings and began to circle lazily down, she had never beheld such beauty. Lauren had spent most of her time on earth protecting her charges, she had spent little time exploring the kingdom of Heaven; this was great. They came out over a huge valley that was divided into fields far and wide, each one a different color. They landed toward the center at a place where there were several low buildings, and quite a few souls gathered.

Michael had landed behind a large hedge and Lauren followed suit, there they stood quietly, Michael indicated that they should just watch for a while. Lauren recognized the souls right away because they wore all white garments like everyone else, except they had a gold collar around their necks identifying them as personal attendants of God. These were the fields where the many flowers of the kingdom were grown. Lauren had seen these souls quietly changing out the flowers in the palace each day, other attendants did other things around the palace also, all of them wearing the gold collars. They seemed different from the other souls for some reason, not better, not worse, happier or less happy, just slightly different in some way although she couldn’t say why. They sat behind the hedge watching the souls clip each flower stem to exact length, while others arranged bouquets of amazing color. The fragrances were amazing also, Lauren had never smelled anything like this.

“So, are you going to hide all day, or come over and say hello”? They turned to see a beautiful tall angel with Chestnut hair and feathers standing behind them. “This is my home Michael, do you really think you can sneak up on me here” she said with a wide smile on her pretty face? Michael smiled and said “Hello Brooklynne, I would like you to meet someone, this is Lauren, and I would like you to train her”. Call me Brooke, she said, and stuck out her hand. Lauren shook it and said “Laur works for me as well, pleased to meet you”. Michael smiled and said “well, I’d best get going and let you two get started, if either of you need me just call”, then he left in a flash. Brooke then said “welcome to the flower farm, so what has Michael told you about our little operation here? Lauren shrugged and said “well, I think the souls are God’s personal attendants, right, and I think these are the ones who prepare the flowers for the kingdom each day? Brooke nodded and said “right and right, now have you figured out what’s different about them yet? Lauren was amazed at the depth of understanding in the beautiful angel, it was as if they had known each other forever. No, I know there is something different, but I still do not know why. Brooke smiled and said “that’s okay, I had to be told too, and she pointed out over the fields at all of the many gold collared workers collecting flowers. These are the children that were aborted before they were able to be born, they never lived outside the womb; that is the difference you feel.  God Bless-JFT

To be Continued–  The Master of Chaos – X

Note: this is a work of fiction entirely, for entertainment purposes only, all rights reserved.

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Note: this is a work of fiction entirely, for entertainment purposes only, all rights reserved.


“The devil…the prowde spirite…

                    cannot endure to be mocked.”

                                                        Thomas More

Satan didn’t have the gift of omnipresence as God did, he couldn’t be everywhere and see everything all the time as God could; he had single vision and depended on his demons for reports. He knew something bad had happened, he just didn’t know what yet because none of his elite forces had yet returned to give an accounting. He paced around the large cavern that was his domain and watched the scene that had become his boring life, constant screaming from the lost in agony, constant cursing as the lake tenders forked them back in, nothing ever changed. Where were his demons?

Graelon appeared from nowhere beat and bleeding badly, and began limping into Lucifer’s office. He held his eyes down submissively refusing to even make eye contact, this could not be good Lucifer thought, Graelon was his most powerful demon, and he was damaged badly. “What is your report” Satan asked impatiently? Graelon fell to his knees before his master and said, “all is lost master, I alone have been spared to give you this report”. Lucifer was astonished and asked “who did this to you, Michael, Gabriel, one of the Archangels? No, said Graelon, a strong angel named Lauren fought me with her sword, but I could not overpower her. Satan fumed; you mean you were beaten by a regular angel, not even an archangel, that’s impossible. You were designed to fight and defeat an Archangel; that is why you were made so powerful, what of Laslo and Jaxxon? Graelon shook his head, they were run through with the swords of angels also, they were destroyed in my presence, he then bowed lower and prepared to be destroyed by his master. He heard his masters panting growing faster and heavier and then all of a sudden a large red claw slapped him hard across the face, knocking him to the ground. Looking up, Graelon saw that his master was now the great red dragon again, and was stomping and snorting fire about.  Be at the lake tomorrow prepared to work, the large demon had nodded and backed out quietly as the dragon left his office and spread his massive wings, taking flight over the lake of fire and then up through the cavern that leads to the surface, he had to see for himself.

Lucifer the dragon flew angrily out of the hole and onto the surface, scanning everywhere he could for a demon that might be wounded and trying to make his way back, there had to be a few. He flew far and wide over the surface of the earth but found nothing, no sign, not even any green blood was spilled. He did although see many angels about; it was almost as though they thought they held dominion over the earth now. Then he saw it, the large church down below, and he banked hard and went into a dive. Landing on the lawn out front, He walked through the doors in front and looked around, he only saw one person present in the church, a man who was sweeping down the tile aisle-way with a dust mop. He wanted the pastor, this was a big church, and the pastor of this church would be a prize of “huge” proportions. As he drew nearer, he realized that the pastor was in fact the man sweeping, now why would a man who pastured a church of five thousand people be sweeping the floors, he wondered? No matter, he is here, and I am open for business, I am going to show the demons how it is done. As he neared the pastor who was sweeping diligently, the man stopped sweeping, and carefully leaned the dust mop against a pew. He then turned toward where the devil was standing, still in red dragon form yet not visible to mortal eyes.

“I know you are there, you good for nothing rotten piece of garbage”, the pastor said, looking right toward where the devil was standing. Lucifer quickly looked behind himself; then all around but saw no one. No, I mean you, yes you the pastor said. You think because you are invisible we don’t feel your presence, but we do, I knew when you entered the building, and I know when you will leave. This was really turning the tables; Satan had forgotten what he had even planned to do to the man. The pastor began to grin and chuckled, “you know what, you are just about as dumb as a bag of hammers, you know the scriptures as well as all the other angels, maybe better, and you know you are going to lose, yet you still keep it up, that’s just dumb”. Lucifer threw flames as he cursed loudly at the man, yet the man couldn’t hear him or see him or his flames. “Why don’t you just give up and ask God to put you out of your misery now, get it over with, end your suffering now, think of the humiliation you are going to go through before the whole world”. Stop it, Satan screamed at the top of his lungs, then he breathed deeply and threw flames as hard as he could at the pastor, but nothing reached him, because they were in different dimensions. “You fight dirty, like a spoiled little girl,” the pastor said as he turned his back on the devil and began to chuckle, then laugh harder as he picked up his broom again and began to sweep. Don’t you ever turn your back on me Satan screamed at the man as he stomped after him.

“Halt Lucifer” said a voice behind him. He turned to see Michael and Gabriel standing there, with many other angels behind him, Satan’s blood began to boil. On whose authority to you command me to halt, asked the great red dragon? I command you to halt on the authority my Father in Heaven has given me, authority over you. Satan fumed to think the Archangel considered himself an equal, there was no way he had the power that Satan had. The dragon turned and squared off with Michael, then said I challenge you to a duel then. Michael smiled and said “it would appear you need to pick on someone your own size Lucifer. The devil just chuckled, knowing Michael was shaking in his boots right now. Without warning Michael said two can play your game, and Michael began to grow, his arms grew bigger around and longer, as did his legs and the rest of his body. He grew taller, bigger, more muscular, and as he did, so did his sword and lance. He grew to the size of Satan’s dragon, but he didn’t stop there, he continued to grow larger and larger still until he towered over the dragon. He then unsheathed his sword, easily fifteen feet long and began walking toward the dragon. Lucifer now feared so he threw his fiercest flame, but Michael just blocked it with his shield.

All of a sudden, Michael jumped at Lucifer and grabbed hold of the dragon around the neck, wrestling him to the ground. He then pinned the dragon’s neck to the ground under his giant knees as Satan tried to change forms again to free himself, but no matter what form he took, he was still pinned by the neck to the ground. He finally reverted to the dragon, the strongest of them all as Michael grabbed his tail and lifted it high with his giant left hand. Wielding his sword in his right, he turned the sharp edges away, and used it as a paddle repeatedly spanking Satan again and again to teach him a lesson. As the spanking was going on, Satan cursed and tried to blow flames to no avail while the crowd of angels grew and began making funny remarks, heckling Satan as he got his tail whipped. Michael then opened it up to anyone else who wanted a piece of the devil, and a few angels came forward and whipped him too. Satan was humiliated before all of God’s angels, and finally Michael let up on his neck and Lucifer began to get up. Michael said “go on now, git” and gave the demon a boot in the backside, and Satan folded his wings out and flew quickly, and with much shame. He didn’t know how, but he knew he had to settle this score, this had been a day of humiliation, and someone would have to pay! He flew into the night, his backside hurting until he found the cavern that led to his home at the lake of fire.  God Bless-JFT

To be Continued–   The Master of Chaos – IX

Note: this is a work of fiction entirely, for entertainment purposes only, all rights reserved.

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“If it weren’t for the women, the men would all still be living in caves, throwing rocks at each other”.  Darrell Travis ( my brother)

They were all different, yet in many ways the same, some were girly girls, some were tomboys. But even the tomboys liked to make mud pies and bake them in imaginary ovens, and then feed them to imaginary families. Their little rooms had tiny tea sets, for having tea parties with their children to be, and their dollies were children, babies and little girls that they could feed, burp and change. As time would go on, and they would get older, even in this world that celebrates women and girls leaving their femininity behind, their heroes were always the strong women who weren’t afraid to be a girl, Mulan, The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast.

Then they discovered make-up, and they lost an hour from their day, spending endless time in front of the mirror trying to look their best, trying to maximize what God had given them, for the boys.  They date, finish school, go to college, finish that and get married, and then hope to get settled, financially stable, and then fulfill what they have always expected to be able to do from the time they were first old enough to think about it, they want to have a baby.

It doesn’t always go in this order, many times it is completely in reverse, families are formed in many ways, and oftentimes families are only two people. One of the biggest heartbreaks a little girl can ever encounter is to not be able to fulfill that lifelong dream of having a child of her own. It is hard on a man if he cannot be a daddy, but it is completely different for a woman, a pain on a whole different level. This day is built around honoring the mothers in our world, and our mothers will truly always hold a special place in our heart, but there are many in our lives that are not mothers who hold places of great value as well. To the wife, daughter, niece, sister, or friend who happens to not be a mother, you hold no place of lesser value in our hearts because of that, you are loved equally.

A dear friend of mine is a pastor, and together he and his wife were not able to have children. They tried doctors and special treatments, but to no avail, they remained childless, and as this day approaches each year, it becomes yet another reminder to them of what they were not able to do, to have. So each year they would come to church and the greeters would be wishing all the assumed mothers a “happy mothers day” from the time they entered the parking lot, they were all well meaning, but with every well wish they were driving the dagger just a bit deeper. After a while, they decided it would be easier to take the day off and just stay home on mother’s day, as a golfer would say, they were “taking a mulligan”. Eventually, they were able to address that pain and meet it head on, returning to church and even embracing mothers day again, but it wasn’t easy.

One of the characteristics that makes a mom so great is the fact that they are such great nurturers, a boy can go to school and put up with all the roughness that comes with the territory of being a boy, playing football, whatever, yet come home and be loved and accepted unconditionally by mom. Mom is the one who could put her arm around your shoulders when that girl broke your heart and make you feel better. She was the one waiting at home when I went out and got banged up and came home bleeding, she would patch me up and make me feel better. But here’s the thing, that is not only a mom thing, because my mom has been gone for 18 years now, yet I still have a woman who makes me feel better when I go out and get banged up, she cleans off the blood, puts on a band-aid and I feel a whole lot better, but she is my wife.

So, if I had anything to say about it, today would not just be about motherhood, but rather would be about honoring women as a whole straight across the board. Today I am thankful for my wife, I am thankful that I have four daughters, I am thankful that I have 3 nieces and yes, I am thankful that I had a wonderful mother for thirty years of my life, I wish I still had her. But there are also many women out there who are great nurturers, strong leaders, women who are such hard workers in their own households, and I honor you, whether you are a mother or not.

I ask you to take some time to let that woman in your life who means a lot to you know just how much she means, tell her verbally, show her with your actions, love on her and let her know she is appreciated. Happy Women’s Day, God Bless-JFT


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Note: this is a work of fiction entirely, for entertainment purposes only, all rights reserved.

Graelon was beside himself, watching as the enemy was slaughtering the elite soldiers of evil under his command systematically. Graelon was the commander of this assault, and he knew it was going to be a complete failure. The demon was huge, a warrior demon of imposing size, Satan’s attempt to counter the Archangels under God’s command. Graelon began first to grunt, and then a long low bane like that of a wolf began to escape him as he started to realize all would be lost. It was a call to his two generals, Laslo and Jaxxon; he was calling together his strongest pack.

Laslo and Jaxxon appeared at his side, imposing figures in their own right yet clearly upset that they had all been tricked, knowing they would have no victory to report to their master. Graelon then told them his plan, and they nodded their assent, it seemed like their only hope of a victory this late in the game.

Lauren watched as demons were dragged from two homes at the end of a cul-de-sac and defeated in the street. Ivy was by her side, assigned as a protégé’ to be mentored by the senior, and already Lauren had noticed that she learned fast. The two angels were talking quietly while supervising the operation when all of a sudden without warning; Lauren pushed Ivy to the side and leapt into the air backwards drawing her long sword as she flew. She landed on her feet in a crouch with her sword horizontal above her in a protective position. It was not a moment too soon, as Graelon came down on her with his sword very hard, showering her with sparks from the friction. She knew he wouldn’t be alone and she silently fired out a fast “breath prayer” for protection for the angel in her charge, young Ivy.

Lauren lunged up at Graelon with the force of an angry lion, throwing the demon back off of her and re-gaining the advantage of position. She parried back and forth on the attack now as the agile demon countered in a protective series of sword blocks. Lauren was too busy to look around, but she could hear Ivy’s sword striking against another vigorously, and knew she was holding her own. Lauren slashed across Graelon’s chest in a shallow wound that caused him to howl, and as the sword contacted the demon, bright blue light almost like that of an electrical arc appeared at the edge of the sword and cut away at him. He came up in a defensive block, and then began an angry attack against her again, striking forcefully at her hoping for any contact with her being, but not having any.

Jaxxon had been fighting with this young angel for a while now, and she wasn’t as green as he first thought, she did in fact have some moves but he was still confident he would win. Laslo sat on the sidelines waiting to be called in; there was no concept of fair play in any of their minds, only winning. Jaxxon was a jerk, and he taunted Ivy while he fought her, constantly trying to affect her confidence with insults. He asked her if she knew what happened when a demons blade entered an angel’s body, and then cackled an evil laugh at the thought that she was probably getting afraid. Lauren could hear it all too, and she knew Ivy would be fine, her faith was way beyond the point of being intimidated by a demon.

Laslo decided he would help Jaxxon take out the younger, weaker angel first and then they would all concentrate on the more mature one Graelon was battling. Jaxxon backed Ivy up with a forceful attack as Laslo walked over with a smile on his face and slowly removed his sword from its scabbard. Okay Jaxxon, let’s get this over with he said as he raised his sword and prepared to enter the fight. All of a sudden a bright blue light appeared in the center of Laslo’s chest, led by the point of a shiny bright sword. Confused, Laslo looked down at it without really understanding what was happening, and then dropped to his knees. Jaxxon turned around quickly to see what had happened, giving Ivy the advantage she been waiting for. She swiped firmly across his legs at knee level, lopping his left leg off and sending him down with a crash and a blood-curdling scream. She then plunged her sword through the center of the demons chest, ending its life for good. She stepped back and looked over to see a pretty angel with blonde hair and feathers that she had seen, but didn’t know personally. Hi, I am Kennady; sorry I couldn’t get here sooner, as she turned to watch the fight with Graelon and Lauren. No worries, Ivy said, you got here just in time, it was perfect, as she held out her hand and the two angels high-fived each other.

So, are you going to have one of your little friends run me through from behind while we fight, or are you going to start glowing white and yell “halt demon” at me before tearing me in half, is that how this is going to end, Graelon asked menacingly as they both fought aggressively with one another. Graelon had green blood seeping down his chest as they fought, but it didn’t seem to affect his performance. “No, Lauren said, the Spirit is used only to protect those that we guard, the souls you so desperately try to destroy, God has given me everything I need to defeat you here and now, but the victory will be His, not mine. The demon was quiet knowing that he had not rattled the beautiful yet strong angel, but he knew he still would rather die here fighting an angel than die admitting failure to the master. From the corners of his eyes, he began to see a crowd forming at the perimeter, but they were all angels. He gave it all he had and lunged for her left calf, knowing that would cripple her aggressive attack. Her blade met his though and deflected it off and to the ground. He prepared to back up and try another tact when all of a sudden there was a blinding pain in his left shoulder. He looked over to see that she had deflected his charge with her sword and then plunged her dagger through his shoulder, the pain causing him to drop his sword.

He looked around and saw Michael and Gabriel in the crowd, he knew he was finished; at least his shame of failure would be over. Lauren removed her dagger from his shoulder and stepped back, Graelon closed his eyes and waited for her sword, but it did not come. When he finally opened his eyes, he found Michael where Lauren had been. Demon, the assault is over, the forces of hell have failed and all of your fellow demons have been destroyed, you alone are left. You will return to your master and report what has happened here in all its glory, do you understand? Graelon cried out “no, kill me please, I cannot face my master with this news, a more horrible fate awaits me there than here, please take my life.

Michael stepped back and commanded, “go” and the demon slowly got to its feet, then turned and left. When it was gone, all of the angels rejoiced and began singing songs of praises to God in Heaven, it had been a wonderful day and evil had been beaten. God in Heaven was pleased with all that had been done. Bless-JFT

Note: this is a work of fiction entirely, for entertainment purposes only, all rights reserved.

To Be Continued-  The Master of Chaos – VIII

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