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“If it weren’t for the women, the men would all still be living in caves, throwing rocks at each other”.  Darrell Travis ( my brother)

They were all different, yet in many ways the same, some were girly girls, some were tomboys. But even the tomboys liked to make mud pies and bake them in imaginary ovens, and then feed them to imaginary families. Their little rooms had tiny tea sets, for having tea parties with their children to be, and their dollies were children, babies and little girls that they could feed, burp and change. As time would go on, and they would get older, even in this world that celebrates women and girls leaving their femininity behind, their heroes were always the strong women who weren’t afraid to be a girl, Mulan, The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast.

Then they discovered make-up, and they lost an hour from their day, spending endless time in front of the mirror trying to look their best, trying to maximize what God had given them, for the boys.  They date, finish school, go to college, finish that and get married, and then hope to get settled, financially stable, and then fulfill what they have always expected to be able to do from the time they were first old enough to think about it, they want to have a baby.

It doesn’t always go in this order, many times it is completely in reverse, families are formed in many ways, and oftentimes families are only two people. One of the biggest heartbreaks a little girl can ever encounter is to not be able to fulfill that lifelong dream of having a child of her own. It is hard on a man if he cannot be a daddy, but it is completely different for a woman, a pain on a whole different level. This day is built around honoring the mothers in our world, and our mothers will truly always hold a special place in our heart, but there are many in our lives that are not mothers who hold places of great value as well. To the wife, daughter, niece, sister, or friend who happens to not be a mother, you hold no place of lesser value in our hearts because of that, you are loved equally.

A dear friend of mine is a pastor, and together he and his wife were not able to have children. They tried doctors and special treatments, but to no avail, they remained childless, and as this day approaches each year, it becomes yet another reminder to them of what they were not able to do, to have. So each year they would come to church and the greeters would be wishing all the assumed mothers a “happy mothers day” from the time they entered the parking lot, they were all well meaning, but with every well wish they were driving the dagger just a bit deeper. After a while, they decided it would be easier to take the day off and just stay home on mother’s day, as a golfer would say, they were “taking a mulligan”. Eventually, they were able to address that pain and meet it head on, returning to church and even embracing mothers day again, but it wasn’t easy.

One of the characteristics that makes a mom so great is the fact that they are such great nurturers, a boy can go to school and put up with all the roughness that comes with the territory of being a boy, playing football, whatever, yet come home and be loved and accepted unconditionally by mom. Mom is the one who could put her arm around your shoulders when that girl broke your heart and make you feel better. She was the one waiting at home when I went out and got banged up and came home bleeding, she would patch me up and make me feel better. But here’s the thing, that is not only a mom thing, because my mom has been gone for 18 years now, yet I still have a woman who makes me feel better when I go out and get banged up, she cleans off the blood, puts on a band-aid and I feel a whole lot better, but she is my wife.

So, if I had anything to say about it, today would not just be about motherhood, but rather would be about honoring women as a whole straight across the board. Today I am thankful for my wife, I am thankful that I have four daughters, I am thankful that I have 3 nieces and yes, I am thankful that I had a wonderful mother for thirty years of my life, I wish I still had her. But there are also many women out there who are great nurturers, strong leaders, women who are such hard workers in their own households, and I honor you, whether you are a mother or not.

I ask you to take some time to let that woman in your life who means a lot to you know just how much she means, tell her verbally, show her with your actions, love on her and let her know she is appreciated. Happy Women’s Day, God Bless-JFT



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Her hands had hurt as she had pulled bark from the trees, stuffing it into her pockets and looking around for anything else that might be edible. There was some grass in clumps beneath a tree, so she grabbed that too, and brought that home. Her children were starving to death, as was her mother and husband, to think of it, she was so weak she could barely walk herself, but they sat and ate the grass she had pulled up. It had come down to this; they were eating grass and bark, anything to keep alive.

During the summer, they had been able to catch rats, frogs, and even snakes, but still barely enough to stay alive. There had once been corn to eat, how wonderful that had been, but now that was just a distant memory. Before it was over, they had ground the cobs and husks down and made tasteless cakes out of even that. She still remembered when she had found the handful of baby mice under a rock, she brought them back home, one of her daughters was near death and needed to eat. She had boiled them, but no matter how long, they stayed together and doughy. Even her husband Jo asked her if she would eat that, but her daughter had been brave and eaten it anyway, and it had saved her life.

Jo had a nephew across the river in China, and there was food there, they knew it was a huge risk, but they had to try, or the whole family would die. They set out and snuck across the border, fording the Tumen River to China. They made it and were stunned at the abundance of food, they had never before seen a rice steamer, and there was so much food they didn’t know what to do. One week later they returned home with many bags of bulging rice for their family, they would make two more trips for provisions.

A few days after returning from their third trip, Jo was arrested, she suspects a neighbor informant told the authorities on them. The following day Han was arrested also, she never saw her husband Jo again. They kicked and beat Han with wooden rods and crushed part of her skull, then placed her hands on the hard concrete floor and stomped on them. Then, without further explanation she was released, she was three months pregnant.

She would later be told Jo died on a train after having his wrists tied above his head without food or water for ten days. She returned home to find all of the rice they had hidden had been taken by the police. The kids were hungry, and her mom had been watching them.

Han gave birth to a boy, but he starved to death two months after he was born. In desperation, her oldest daughter left to find food and never returned, they believe she was caught up in human trafficking and taken to China, and then her mother died. In less than a year, her family of eight was reduced to four. In North Korea, if someone has been arrested then the neighbors no longer trust you and they suspect you of something. One night in July 1998, two policemen came to their door, and told them to leave, and if they didn’t they would burn the house down.

On July 18th, Han, with her two daughters JinHye, then 11, EunHye, 7, and  son BoKum, 5 set out on a 100 mile walk for the Chinese border. Weak from malnutrition, Han could barely walk, and the first night they stopped at a friend’s house to lodge for the evening. She looked at Han with wide eyes, how can you do it, two high mountain crossings and the river still lay ahead? Everyone was too weak to carry BoKum and he was too small and malnourished to walk. But how could a mother leave her son behind? But if they stayed, they would all be caught. She took a night to think things over, she didn’t know what to do. The next morning, her friend said “leave him, I will take care of him”. Han agreed, and planned to return for him in five days after getting the girls safely into China, she promised to bring back food for her friend. “Why aren’t you taking me too” BoKum asked, and she explained that she was going to go get some food and bring it back, and then she would take him, then she gave him a ground corn cake, she wishes she had given him more. They walked for two nights, then crossed into china, hid in fields and stole squash to eat. Then heavy rains came and they could not cross back over, Han didn’t know how to swim, and the river was at flood stage.

Then Han heard Kim Jong Il was executing anyone who hadn’t voted for him in the election, Han hadn’t because she had been in China at the time. She got jobs in China, and earned money to get BoKum back, but it took her two months before she earned enough to hire a man to go get him. Sadly, he returned empty handed. The woman had abandoned the boy, and he was seen wandering aimlessly in a field singing “when is my mother coming”. A neighbor gave him a bowl of porridge out of pity, he died immediately afterward, common when people who are malnourished eat too fast. When she heard about BoKum, her heart was ripping out of her chest.

They spent 10 years in China, and were deported several times back to North Korea, but were always able to bribe their way back into China. The last time a Korean-American pastor paid $10,000.00 to North Korean guards to sneak them back. They went to the United Nations in Beijing and asked to live in the U.S.

After 16 months, they were given a home of freedom in the U.S., one that came at a very high cost. There are only 130 refugees from North Korea who have settled in the United States, but you never hear from them because they have families. If a defector speaks out, it will be taken out on the family they left behind, Han has no one left, they are all dead. That is why they are speaking.

Crosses adorn the walls of their home, they carry bibles with them everywhere, they are on a mission to educate the world about what goes on in North Korea. You see the polished military parades, but you don’t see the people disappearing, the Christians dying. Please take a moment to pray for your brothers and sisters in Christ, for all those suffering in that poor country. And tell Han’s story over and over to everyone you know. God Bless-Jim

This Story is True

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I would lie in bed and my mind would spin like a movie reel, ideas for inventions that I imagined had never before been thought of. I would think of ways to implement them and become a successful entrepreneur and leave my mark on the world. My spinning mind would take me to the tallest mountains in the world, as I would imagine what it would be like to set foot on the top of Mount Everest, the highest point on earth. I would imagine exploring new frontiers that had never been touched, crossing the ice to the north-pole, or diving to great depths in the ocean. I was a dreamer, or rather I should say I “am” a dreamer, although my mind no longer spins to the point that I cannot sleep anymore. Now I just think fondly of these things and move on.

When I was a younger man, actually from the time I was a teenager I used to have this feeling in my heart that I was meant to do something “great” in my life. It was never one of those things where I thought I was destined for fame or fortune, but rather something quietly. As I grew into a man in my late twenties and early thirties, the feeling only grew stronger, and so I began to channel it into occupational goals. I opened my own company, found willing investors and made a go of it with only my head and my heart as a compass to lead me by; sadly I didn’t spend a whole lot of time seeking God’s direction. I did that for a couple of years and things looked promising until my marriage fell apart before my eyes and my zeal for success died. I gave up my business and focused on my day job and licking my wounds as the course of my life changed drastically.

As the clock of my life ticked away and the crow’s feet began to appear, I became aware that my time for this task of achieving something great in my lifetime was getting shorter. Another business venture, a new novel idea, or perhaps a more personal great new task? I began to wonder if this was just a preprogrammed thing that God places in all of our hearts meant to motivate us through the years of our life. Or was it something I had yet to discover?    One thing I did realize over the years is that I seemed to have a problem finishing things I had started, and I had problems with consistency, how would I ever achieve if I didn’t finish what I set out to accomplish in the first place? I would later be told I was ADD, and it clicked that maybe that had something to do with why I had been given Ritalin for years as a child. They had called me hyperactive when I was little, but they had changed the name and given it a new acronym since then, and that would explain a lot. I don’t feel this is a disease or a handicap, I just think sometimes people’s minds are overactive, and I know mine is.

Since I was little, I have always sought the approval of others, my father and mother first and foremost, and have always feared letting them down. When I left the church I was raised in and went elsewhere, I was so afraid of what my father would think that I would always find a way to dance (lie) around the subject. I had moved to another side of town and assured him I was plugged in to the congregation in that area, when I was really attending another place that I knew he would not approve of. I would eventually be led to a different church as we moved once more (where we go now) and God began to speak to my heart, telling me that there was no reason for me to feel bad because I was not following in my earthly father’s steps. He began to place it on my heart that I should be more concerned with what my heavenly Father thinks than my earthly one, that it is better to serve Him where “He” needs me than to be stagnant in my faith to please someone else. He placed it on my heart that His church is not the building you meet at but rather the group you belong to, the group that calls themselves followers of Christ.

I no longer shy away from talking to my father or step mother about where I attend or why, but I am open about things, the way I believe God wants me to be. About the time I had all but given up ever achieving that “one” great thing in my life that I would lie in bed and just “know” I was destined for when I was a teenager, it became clear. I finally knew what it was, and it truly is something great that I now aspire to, but it is something far different than I ever thought it would be and this whole wonderful/painful life has all been preparation for getting it done.

Looking back at the ideas I once had of greatness, the tangible goals of success I had, they seem so shallow compared to the great achievement I now aspire to, Mount Everest is small potatoes when compared to what God has in store for me. And it is not just one thing either, but several things.

1. The 1st great thing for me to do is to die to myself daily and know who my master is. To rise each day with the goal that I will first seek to serve and glorify God in everything I do, and trust him to take care of the rest.

2. The 2nd great thing is that I want to be the best husband, friend, and brother in Christ to my dear wife Stacia that I can possibly be. To be a helpmate to her and to treat her holy and sacred always as does Christ with His church.

3. The 3rd great thing is to be a loving father to my girls and to model Christ before them, to be dependable and consistent with them, and for them to never have to wonder whether or not they are loved, but to be secure in that always.

 4. The 4th great thing is for me to drive a stake through the heart of my pride, which is no small task. I have found that God is more than willing to help me with that when I need it, but after the pride is removed, the hole it leaves behind should be filled with humility, mercy and love. To trust God always and to not fear where He leads me, wherever that may be.

5. Lastly, to set aside any worldly ambitions and devote my life to sowing the seed, to fulfilling The Great Commission, hey wait, did you notice that? Not the commission, but the GREAT commission, spending the rest of my life in service to Him.

That great thing I was destined for wasn’t something I was supposed to achieve for myself, but rather to tell others about the greatness of having a Savior, leading others to the God who sacrificed His firstborn and only Son because He loves us. And God has been whispering that into my ears since I was a small boy, it just took me a long time to figure it out. How blessed I am!!!  God Bless-JFT

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I drove into the city in the late afternoon the day before New Years Eve. A thick layer of smog covered the bottom of the mountains, leaving only the peaks exposed. This happens sometimes here in the winter, today it is worse than I have seen in many years, you can smell it. Traffic is crawling up the freeway as I begin to get a headache, thinking about the twelve-hour shift that I am about to work. As I look out at the six lanes of traffic packed wall to wall on my side, heading into the city and the six lanes of traffic packed wall to wall of cars trying to leave, I am baffled by a thought for a moment.

Earlier in the week, I was bored and was watching a show on TV, the 40 greatest one hit wonders of the 90’s. Not really my genre, more late 70’s and 80’s for me, but I still knew quite a few of them. There was a particular song that was featured that I remembered I thought was taboo back then, and still do not care for today although it was very popular. It was titled “what if God was one of us”, and the thought is basically what if He were a slob like one of us trying to make his way home. I always thought the song was disrespectful of God, and is not even a novel idea, seeing as how God did in fact lower Himself down to our level and make Himself “one of us” trying to make his way home.

As I sat in my truck and looked out at all of these people preoccupied with their lives, trying to get from here to there, it reminded me briefly of an ant city and all of the worker ants moving about. As I continued to drive on, I could not help but wonder though, how could God possibly care about each and every one of these people on a personal level, how could God know their hurts and their triumphs? How is it possible for Jesus Christ to have a personal relationship with each and every one of them? Now I know, you are probably saying, Jesus “doesn’t” have a personal relationship with all of them, and I agree with you on that, but that is not Jesus fault, it is the fault of the person. Jesus “does” know their heart. I believe that God knows everyone’s heart too, whether they choose to give it to Him or not.

So, back to the traffic jam, I am looking at all of these people going about their lives and doing as they wish. That alone is staggering, knowing that I live in the fifth largest city in the nation, there are literally hundreds of traffic jams worldwide, thousands of malls and marketplaces where people scurry about preoccupied with life and trying to make ends meet. When you stop and think about how many people we have on this earth, “the last time I checked it was seven billion and change” I am baffled by the sheer immensity of it all and left to wonder, how does God do it? How does He care about each and every one of us as he does? Our minds are clearly not designed to understand math like that.

As I looked out the windshield and continued my deep thought, something came to mind. The other day as I was preparing my blog on Jonah, In Jonah 4:11, When God was speaking to Jonah for the last recorded time, He said  “ And should I not have concern for the great city of Nineveh, in which there are more than a hundred and twenty thousand people who cannot tell their right hand from their left—and also many animals?”

120,000 + animals. That is a large number by anyone’s standard, even back then, God was personally involved in the lives of that many folks. Now you may say 120K cannot be compared to the large numbers of which I am speaking, and I will gladly concur. But 120K is still a big number, what if I said you made 120k in a year, maybe many of you do and so you would smile and say “still not that big of a number”. So let’s put it this way, what if I said you owed the IRS 120K in back income taxes, how’s that, oh wait, now the number seems a bit bigger huh, I see 😉

God cared deeply about each and every one of them, and he knew how terribly lost they were and it ached His heart to think about laying waste to them for their wickedness, He just knew there was a better way, even if it lie in a hard headed angry old coot named Jonah. Another thing to pay close attention to here “us animal lovers”, God took the time to include them in His explanation to Jonah. While I know He placed some of them here to serve as sustenance for us, He also gifted them with the personalities to be “man’s best friend”. Nothing in creation was an accident, God crafted the plume on the quail’s head with care, He made the antlers on a bull elk’s head majestic, He gave the timber wolf beautiful yet penetrating eyes for a reason, and He made the Grizzly bear the baddest dude in the forest indisputably. Everything God made has His personal touch. There is a reason we look different from any other living thing on the planet, we were set apart, we were made in His image. He took more time with us, He crafted our brain different, and He gave us something that He gave no other living creation, the ability to reason. When I stop being consumed with myself for a few minutes and actually start considering all that God has already done, I know it isn’t really that unbelievable to think he’s capable of knowing the heart of 7 billion people, after all, He constructed them.

And besides, 120k is small potatoes, God sent Moses on a similar rescue mission sans large fish way back in Exodus, except there were only 600k fighting age men and women (sorry ladies, they didn’t count everyone then), but estimates have the Hebrew/Israelite exodus at 2.5-4 million give or take a few. One thing to note also, God was way more involved “daily” with these folks than He was with those Ninevites. They were actually pretty low maintenance when compared with the Israelites.

Looking out through my windshield, I don’t see such chaos as I did before, I see a bunch of preoccupied folks, but I know they have someone who cares deeply for them, on a personal basis. I know that God doesn’t only care for them and their families, their struggles and hurts, their egos and insecurities, He even thinks about their pets. Here I was, wondering how God could logistically keep juggling all these balls, and I am surprised to find that He even has their dogs and , wait, ahem cough . Okay, here goes, even their “cats” in mind (I know, silly huh) JK, really!!! All kidding aside, our God is amazing, the scope and depth of His wonder cannot EVER be measured, and I for one am really glad!

God Bless-Jim

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My wife takes great pleasure in telling everyone that my in my driver’s license picture I have a mullet. Which is rather funny, considering I have been getting a buzz cut for close to fifteen years, and nearing baldness on top for ten. Now it was never an exaggerated mullet, I never wore denim shirts with the sleeves cut off at the shoulder and unbuttoned down the front, with a confederate flag stitched on the back. It was just a simple haircut where my hair was kind of long in back and short on top. I figured if Huey Lewis could pull it off, so could I. So, I decided to go and get my license updated last Friday, along with my employee ID card, it was a day of new pictures.

So there I sat, in my least favorite places of all, the DMV, (department of motor vehicle). There must be a sign on the door that says if your children are not screaming, you need to whup on em’ until they are, and if your babies diapers aren’t fouled, you need to feed them prunes puree until they go, because the place was packed and tense. I would not have been surprised to have seen a grandmother brandish an Uzi and demand to have a handicap placard immediately, or people were going to start dying. I finally got to the front counter, and waited quietly, as the woman turned and looked threateningly at me and said “don’t move”. I knew only one thing, I wasn’t moving. When she returned, I smiled big and asked her how she was doing; she asked me how I thought she was doing? So I said that since it was 3:30, I figured she was going to be pretty great in an hour and a half. Then it happened, the hard face broke, and she smiled, and she became human again. What can I do for you sweety, she asked? I told her, she gave me a form, and told me to come back and see her when it was filled out, so I did, and she was sweet again, her whole demeanor seemed to be different. She gave me the number A-93

I sat down, and whipped out a Nook to study scripture for my class in school, but there were these three obnoxious preteen boys that came down and asked what it was, so I tried to explain it to them. Their mom seemed to have lost control of them as they began calling it a Nookie and telling her they needed one. They then ran off, and she looked sadly at me, desperation on her face. She told me that she had just been laid off from her well paying job, and that she didn’t know what they were going to do, she hadn’t told the boys yet, but it looked like they were going to lose their house. I asked her if she had God in her life, and she said yes, but they had fallen away, she knew they needed to go back. I felt so compelled to continue speaking to this woman, but my number was called, I said goodbye, and she smiled and waved.

I found my window, and looked for the name of the woman who manned it, her name was Nancy C.. Hello Nancy C., how are you today, I asked the nice woman on the other side of the booth. Okay I suppose, she said. She processed my paperwork as I asked her if she had any grand plans for the weekend. She then said she didn’t, her mother had Alzheimer’s disease, and still recognized her, so she was trying to get in as much time with her as she possibly could before her mother lost all recognition. There was a sadness to her voice. I then asked her if she was a Christ follower, and she said yes, although she hadn’t been going to church that regularly. I then relayed the story of my brother, and how he had been healed of ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease), and how the Mayo neurologist, pretty much the best in the west, had never seen it before. I told her the story of the woman who had the bleeding disorder for 12 years, but also had a great faith, and how she was healed. I told her that the God who created our planet and the Heavens in six days is capable of anything, and we should never give up hope. Nancy C. broke down, she began to weep heavily, because she had been carrying such a heavy burden for such a long time. I held her hand and let her cry, and when she was done, she cleaned herself up, and I took her mother’s name (Irene D.), and told her I would begin praying in earnest for her healing and would also pray for her, to find her way back to the Lord. Nancy told me that she thought God sent me to her that day, and at one time, I might have doubted it, but no more. John 3:8  The wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going. So it is with everyone born of the Spirit.”

God Bless-JFT

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Okay, I have started to write three blogs on various subjects this week, and fell asleep at the keyboard on the last one. I have been trying to keep up what I feel is kind of a responsibility now, to encourage those who tune in regularly. But the fact of the matter is this, I have been depressed, my brother’s illness has been a serious blow that has knocked the wind out of me.

I was sick for a week with a migraine, then several days of recovery from that, and then before I could catch my breath, my brother was diagnosed with ALS, the cruelest of diseases known to man. Last night, I went to my girl’s high school football game (they are cheerleaders), and it was my first social outing in three weeks. I have been sleeping night and day, and I know the signs of depression, and I know I can’t keep giving myself over to them. I haven’t ridden my mountain bike in weeks, which is a passion you know. So he has succeeded, he has derailed me. Satan has knocked me for a loop this time. It just goes to show you, on the heels of every great achievement follows a great challenge and I am in that challenge now.

It is at times like this where the depth and breadth of ones faith are truly revealed. Is my faith like a mountain stream that flows rapid and tempestuous, yet is shallow and seasonal? Or is it like the mighty Mississippi, deep and wide and long, forever flowing. I would like to think the latter.

So, it is necessary for me to get out of this funk I am in and get back to being Jim, so for the time being, I have made the decision to double my caffeine intake and get back to being who God wants me to be.

I think one of Satan’s biggest tools is confusion, hitting us where and when we least expect, from the direction we most do not expect. I had a breakthrough a couple of weeks ago that I wrote about here, about how I was able to close a back door the devil was using into my life, and I was exuberant. In the background of my celebration, I wondered if he would now go after my family, less than a week later, that question was answered.

When we make the choice to follow Christ, to take up our cross and follow him wherever He leads, we have to be prepared to be targets, but we also have to be prepared for our loved ones to be targets too, and here is the hard part, “sometimes the people we love get hurt because of our faith”. Yes, if we are making life hell for the devil, he will strike out at us, and if he can’t reach us, he will take what he can get, he is a sulfur stinking rotten to the bone opportunist. When we take up the cross of Christ, we must know that it may cost us our wives; it may cost our children, our parents, brothers, and friends. Those are the hard losses; the easy ones are job losses, home losses, monetary ruin, etc. Satan is a sore loser, and he is ruthless in his pursuit of those he considers his.

Now while I haven’t been his for a very long time, I have been making life hard on him, doing my best to steal his followers at every turn I can. I pray to God every day that he will place me in the path of someone who I can share the news of Jesus Christ with, and I have been praying that prayer for more than two years now. And guess what, God has answered that prayer favorably, when I have been sick for a week and don’t leave the house, God doubles up folks on me when I am well. I don’t keep track, but if I did, I would bet that it would be exactly one for one since I began praying that prayer. Did all of those folks come to the Lord? I have no idea, God gives the increase, but all of that talking is bound to make the devil a little anxious, wouldn’t you think?

So, When folks ask us what is most important in our lives, most of us Christ followers will say, God, then family, then friends, work, etc. …………

But, what if being a Christ follower means your child, your wife, your son, your mother, your brother, your dad are under attack, will be killed because you are on fire for the Lord, how strong will your faith be then? When your family is on the line, will God still be number one?

I know how strong my faith is, I know who is at stake, I know how much I love them, and I know this life is just a trial run for Heaven. I know if my family continues to get harmed because of their or my faith, God will see us through it, so here is what I have to say to the devil. Is that your best? You fight like a girl, when you are really ready to fight, bring it, I’m ready!

God Bless-JFT

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My God, I’m Yours

Take me and use me

Lead me through the quagmires of life

Dress me for battle, put armor on my chest

A helmet on my head, gauntlets on my arms,

And armor on my legs “Oh God”

Reach into my chest, fill my heart with courage

Make me into a valiant warrior,

Fearing nothing that the adversary can bring.

Make me your champion “Oh Lord”,

Teach me to lead and to follow

Make me bold and humble                                                                

Help me to lead the charge

And to bring up the rear also.

Help me to know what it is that you want of me “Oh Lord”

Help me to wake daily to serve you,

Help me to know that the answer in that lies in others.

Help me to die to myself every day “Oh Lord”

Help me to “always” put others first

Help me to know that through You,

All things are possible “Oh Lord”

I cry out to you now in thankfulness

Thank You “Oh Lord”, for the beauty of golden leaves                                    

Thank You “Oh Lord”, for the smell of fresh cut grass

Thank You “Oh Lord”, for the smell of a newborn baby

Thank You “Oh Lord”, for the gift of Your Son

Your faithfulness is undeniable, Your love unquestionable

This life was never mine to give to You “Oh Lord”

Even our free will was a gift from You

But that gift I now return, “My Lord”

I’m Yours, Take me, use me, and do as You wish

That I might have the lowest place in the Kingdom, “My Lord”

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