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Dear friends, I have been debating whether to post this blog for a couple of weeks now. I have debated because there are many people in this country and other countries who are very passionate about their citizenship and their patriotism, and I have always been one of them. As a Christ follower who tries to listen to the Holy Spirit to lead me in my walk I need to go where he leads me, even if it is unpopular. I write this blog to help encourage others, and to stimulate Spiritual thought, not to please you, so I have after much prayer and thought decided to post it. Here it is.

My Allegiance,
Patriotism in America, it is expected of all who live here and become citizens. We pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and people get misty eyed thinking about the great sacrifices our forefathers made that we might be safe, secure, and have freedom to worship God without fear of persecution. Please know I value our forefathers and veterans for the sacrifices they have made and I in no way want to take away from that. But this same country that we pledge our allegiance to has been debating removing “In God We Trust” from it’s currency, and “One Nation Under God” from it’s pledge for the last two decades. As time goes on, and I see what is happening our brothers and sisters in Christ around the world, I find it harder and harder to pledge my allegiance as I have in the past, to an object. I in no way want to discuss politics or affiliations in this post, but to ask you to consider whether we have been going about it wrong for so long.
Pledging allegiance is something we say so often, I wonder have we stopped to examine what we are actually saying. I guess I wonder if we should be pledging our allegiance to God rather than to a government. When Moses led Gods chosen people out of bondage in Egypt, they went to a place called Caanan, and the people there were called Caananites. When they took Caanan over because God led them to, they did not start calling themselves Caananites and begin pledging to a flag, but they remained Israel God’s chosen people. Other places that are in Israel had different names like Moab, and God instructed Israel to sack Moab and take the land from the Moabites, so they did. But they did not then call themselves Moabites, they were still Israel, God’s chosen. They took their identity from God.
I am not suggesting you stop saluting the flag or being a soldier for your country wherever you are. I live in America, and I am an American and would defend my people in a second. The flag is the symbol we use to identify the country and I too have fond thoughts when they play the anthem and the star spangled banner. But is the flag not also an object, and does it not run the risk of becoming an idol to some if worshipped.

In our country, if the flag touches the ground, there is a retirement ceremony for the flag and it must be incinerated at an approved facility. How would you compare that with the Baal’s that Israel would turn to every time they got bored with God? Consider this, if a homeless person with no family or identification passes away on the street, their body is boxed up in the cheapest thing available and placed in a numbered grave with no parting funeral. The flag goes our better than the homeless person.

I have NEVER refused to say the pledge in my life, but when God through the Holy Spirit speaks to you, you must do His will whether it is a touchy subject or not. I value the opinions of my brothers and sisters worldwide who choose to read my blog, and if you have a thought on this that differs from mine, or concurs, I would love to hear it. My citizenship, loyalty, and allegiance belong to God, not to kingdoms built here on earth. In this time when things are so turbulent it is important to know to whom you belong.

God Bless and Keep you All



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