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We wept quietly.

The flames blew out the windows and doors of the ancient church I have worshipped in since I was a boy. The same church my father worshipped in since he was a boy, and the church he met my mother in. The weapon-wielding mob screamed and shouted in a crazed frenzy of sick happiness as they dance in front of our church, firing rifles and pistols into the air to celebrate their accomplishment for Allah.

When we saw what was happening, we didn’t dare go near the church or try to stop the vandals, there were hundreds of them and they were seeking blood. So we gathered across the street and watched. It didn’t take them long to spot us though, we were the only ones who showed sadness and distress, everyone else was partying at a fever pitch, so we stood out from the crowd.

At first there were about sixty or seventy of us gathered together, and we huddled together and began to pray quietly. Spectators from the apartment building above us were leaning out the window watching the mob destroy our church and set it on fire. They were the first ones to notice us below, and they quietly prepared to attack us from above. While our attention was focused across the street, they began dropping bricks on us from above mortally wounding several of us before we even knew what was happening. Like arrows from a coordinated team of archers the bricks were dropped on us as we prayed together, and we began to fall. As we ran and dragged our wounded and dead away, I counted seven of my brothers and sisters that were killed instantly, many others wounded with broken bones, concussions, abrasions, many unconscious.

A few days prior, a bomb was placed in a church in Alexandria and was detonated during services, killing many instantly and wounding the rest. The church building was destroyed additionally, and once the church is gone, the government takes it over. It will not be rebuilt.

We are Copt’s, also known as Coptic Christians (Arab Christians) in Egypt. We have been tolerated in Egypt by the government and allowed to continue meeting. Although we are discriminated against in all facets of our life by the Muslims, who would just as soon kill us as to look at us. Lately though, they are trying to purge us from Egypt. Copt’s have been allowed to practice their faith generation after generation in the same family, but we are forbidden to evangelize outside of our church. New converts are not allowed, especially converts from Islam. They will be labeled apostates, and a Fatwah (blood order) will be issued by the mullah’s. After that they will be hunted down and killed by anyone who wants to be involved. . The authorities will also turn a blind eye and no-one will be charged in the killing, as no-one will be charged for the burning of our church, or those who killed or maimed my spiritual siblings by throwing the bricks.

This is Cairo, and it is a powder keg now, a pressure cooker just waiting to explode, and when it does it will be us who will pay. A Holocaust is coming if things continue to progress as they are. We know our God is faithful, we know we will have a home with Him when we move on, but as humans, we fear pain and torture like anyone. Our plight is not unlike being a wounded antelope in a herd of hungry lions, waiting to be devoured.

Our hope is that we can be helped by our siblings in Christ from the west. We pray for deliverance, as did Daniel in the pit of lions. Surely our friends in America with all of their vast resources will come together and help us. In the end though, we just pray that God’s will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.

God Bless-JFT


This story was written based on “facts” of the Copt’s persecution in Egypt. A Coptic Christian friend in Cairo has given me these facts, and the following video of the destruction of his church. The video was shot by one of the Muslim raiders, and shows what is “really” going on in Egypt, and that they are crying out to the USA for help. I ask you as your Christian brother to think about and pray for your fellow Christ followers throughout the world.

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