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I sat in my recliner with a pile of presents at my knees, my friends and family had thrown a surprise birthday party for me. It was a grand old time, we cooked bratwurst out on the grill and socialized then had cake, and now we were getting down to the presents. My niece Jess handed me a large present and said, this I from Drew and I, happy birthday Uncle Jim. I opened it to find a very nice stainless steel coffee maker, which I thanked them kindly for, hugs were exchanged, and it went to the side of the chair as I began to open the rest of my gifts.

After the party, we cleaned up, and I placed the coffee maker in the top shelf of the pantry, at the very back, where it would remain for the next eleven years. You see, I don’t drink coffee but I thought I would keep the gift in case we entertained someone who did. Anytime I  thought about using it for a friend, I determined that we would need to go buy coffee, and set it up, and it would just be too much trouble. After two or three years, we forgot completely that the coffee maker was even there, as we began to store the doggie treats in front of them. When we moved to a new home after eleven years, we re-discovered the coffee maker, but things had now changed, I now drank coffee and was pleasantly surprised at my forgotten gift. I could not wait to set it up at my new home and brew the hazelnut coffee I had come to like so much.

I have often wondered about the Holy Spirit and how he works in some people’s lives, yet does not figure prominently in others. When I was a younger man, I thought of the Holy Spirit in terms of my conscience. Whenever I felt the danger bells going off in my head because I was about to do something I knew was wrong, I called it an attack of the Holy Spirit. I have often had believer brothers and sisters that have gotten caught up in things that they knew were clearly wrong, and I often wondered if they had heard the warning bells like I do, but I still didn’t get it. As I grew older, I met men and women who were Christians who seemed to be different from other followers I had known, as though they were enlightened in some way. In questioning them over the year’s one thing I found in common, they all claimed to live by the spirit. Acts 2:38 says;  38Peter replied, “Repent and be baptized, every one of you, in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins. And you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.

I must admit, I never really even understood what the Holy Spirit was, or how I would receive a gift of it. Would I feel a change in my soul, the Apostle Peter said we would get the gift, but I was still waiting. I just figured it was a holy attitude that I would begin to have, maybe some sort of a righteous presence I would begin to have over the years. And I did not understand how some Christians had this “enlightenment” and seemed to be truly “on fire” for the Lord, yet many of us were just going through the motions and did not seem to have “the gift”. I would find myself  reading the Bible out of obligation, because it is what we are supposed to do.

Back to the coffee maker, like the coffee maker that was given to me as a gift, I chose not to use it. I placed it at the back of the top shelf of the pantry, because I didn’t know what to do with it, yet I thought I may have need of it at sometime in the future, so I kept it. All of us who are followers of Christ receive the gift of the Holy Spirit, but many of us never really understand how the Spirit lives in us, is accessible to us, and will guide us in all we do if we let Him. Walking in the Spirit was the difference to me between living in Christian mediocrity and walking with purpose each and every day. But the Spirit will not automatically take the wheel and steer you in the right direction, first we must submit to his gentle leading and ask God to lead you through the Spirit. This was a life changing time for me, and I never want to go back. The Spirit is a gift, what you do with Him is up to you, He is there waiting to lead you into a great adventure in your faith, all you need to do is be willing. God Bless



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Tara sits in church with all of her friends in the un-official teen section. The pastor is on a roll today, he is talking about how we are not to cause our brother to stumble. He goes through various examples of things that may cause others to get the wrong idea about us or to be led astray by our example. Pastor uses the standard examples as Tara and her friends only half listen, they pass notes and text to one another, this sermon doesn’t really apply to Tara so what’s the point in hanging on every word.

The pastor talks about drinking and how one must be careful if drinking not to lead another astray, Tara crosses that one off in her mind, in her seventeen years she has never had one drink. He then talks about cursing and how if you become a different person away from church and cursing is a part of your life, you can discourage someone who may see or overhear you, not to mention that it destroys your witness. Tara silently scratches that one off of the list, she doesn’t curse so she doesn’t have to worry about it. Next he forges on to gossiping, nope, Tara isn’t a gossip either. Premarital sex, nope never done that and have no plans to either. Tara is getting bored at this point as this lesson clearly is not meant for her.

“Finally”, the pastor closes it up, does an alter call, they do announcements and then have a short closing prayer, and she and her friends are free to socialize. Her best friend Heather tells her there is a pizza party at Zach’s next Friday night, and asks her is she will be there. Heather then tells her Michael is coming too, and Tara says “oh yeah”, wouldn’t miss it for the world, and they start to plan their strategy. Tara likes Michael, and he is shy so it will be a chance to maybe break the ice some, that is “if” he even notices her. Heather is crushing on Zach too, so it could be a great opportunity for both of the girls to make a move.

The two girls talk all week on the phone about their strategy to get the boys attention. How they will do their hair, their makeup, and Friday afternoon they go out and get a pedicure and manicure so that they will look their very best. The girls go back to heathers house afterward and Tara opens her gym bag and begins to put on the outfit she has planned. Heather is wearing a short skirt and a matching blouse, Tara a pair of daisy dukes shorts and a spaghetti strap shirt. They both admire their tan legs and agree that all of that time in the tanning bed was well worth it. Makeup on, hair done and shellacked, perfume applied, and dressed to kill, they set out to the pizza bash prepared to stun the boys and get their attention.

Zach is at the counter helping his mom put out the pizza, wings and soda and making sure there is enough of everything when he looks up as more people arrive. So far the party is a success, all of his friends and some he doesn’t know that well are coming. “Oh man” he thinks when the two girls come in through the front door. Heather is smokin’ hot, but her friend, Tara I think it is, look at those legs. Zach is staring, as are all of the guys in the group. Zach kinda has a thing for Heather, but he doesn’t think she knows he exists, and after tonight, he knows she is out of his league, but those legs. Michael is hanging out with the group of friends he usually hangs with in by the TV, but he can’t help but notice when Tara comes in with her friend. Michael has always liked Tara, thought she was a really sweet girl, and has always thought she was pretty good looking, but now he knows she has great legs, as he has never seen her in anything but jeans. Michael and the guys can’t help but stare at the scantily clad young ladies, and they find themselves undressing the girls with their eyes. The other girls in the group whisper derogatory comments about the girl’s obvious promiscuity as Tara and Heather get in line for some pizza.

The evening is over and Michael remembers the night fondly, how Tara was so forward, coming right over to him and sitting down next to him. She is definitely a hottie, and he wouldn’t mind going out with her a couple of times, but she isn’t long term material, his mom had a fit over how she was dressed after she left, she would blow a major gasket if she knew he was contemplating going out with her. But man, what a body.

Tara walks to her next class and sees Hannah and Jaime in the hallway. They are huddled outside the math room in deep conversation. Tara goes over to say hello, and when they see her they act as though they didn’t and turn away, hurrying down the hall away from her. As the day goes on, many of her friends act as though they don’t know her. By the end of the day she knows something is up as she is being shunned by all of her friends as though she is a leper. Strangely enough, all of the boys she hangs out with look at her differently. When school lets out for the day she meets up with Heather, and they walk out to her car. Heather says she has heard that they now have a reputation as being promiscuous. She is shocked, wondering why people would get that impression.

That evening, as Tara finishes her math homework, her mother comes into her room and shuts the door. Her mom has a look of sadness in her eyes as she tells Tara that Zach and Michaels mothers have both called her today. Both of the boy’s mothers explained that they were very upset with the way Tara and Heather had come dressed to the party. The boys, all of them had acted like rabid hyenas when the girls had showed up.  Zach’s mother had stated that Tara and Hannah were no longer welcome in her home; it was hard enough raising teenaged boys these days without having friends from church come over in skimpy attire. Tara’s mother looked at her and asked “didn’t you listen to last weeks sermon at all”? Tara noticed her mother had tears rolling down her cheeks as she turned and left the room, deeply disappointed in the example her daughter had set. For the first time she began to wonder, if mom is this disappointed how does God feel?

This example is of a girl, but the same goes for boys, men, and women. Sexy is the universal language of our worldly culture, but it is not acceptable in God’s eyes outside of marriage. Remember that the way you dress while acceptable to the world, may be causing your brother or sister to lust and lusting is stumbling.

God Bless


This story is fiction, written to illustrate a point.

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Jason exits the hospital and walks to his car, a little red sports car that his wife Stacy surprised him with last year. He climbs into the car and starts the engine as he thinks about his grandfather inside the hospital, fighting for his life right now. Jason is very pre-occupied as he backs out of the parking space and begins his long trip home.

Tony and his wife Carol thank the Messners for hosting the weekly Bible study at their home as they walk to their car. They feel relaxed and at peace after they leave the study each week, as it is a time they set aside to push aside the troubles of the world, the stress at work and just focus on the word. Tony starts the truck and sits for a few moments as the air conditioner cools down the cab, then he turns around and heads for the expressway for the short drive back to their home. Tony and Carol discuss a family that the group prayed for that are out of work and in danger of losing their home, and they both agree that they can afford to pitch in monetarily to help them out. Tony is happy inside as he pulls onto the freeway, happy that he has been blessed to the point that he can help others who are in need.

Jason is driving in the left high speed lane as he drives toward home. He is doing sixty five and is on cruise control as he stares blankly out the windshield, thinking of his granddad, and all the great times they have shared. The heart attack came out of no-where, Gramps is a healthy guy, in his mid sixty’s he still works out regularly, rides his bike long distances, and has no bad habits. He was the poster child of the healthy and fit senior, then wham, he drops to the ground while changing a light bulb.

Jason reflects on the many trout fishing trips gramps took him on and how it was gramps who taught him to put a worm on a hook, how to fly fish a stream, how to change his oil, and how to do a brake job. Gramps was the one who coached him on how to ask Stacy out on their first date and had been the one who gave him the best advice on how to figure out women in general. Gramps has a passion for reading the Bible too, and had passed that passion on to Jason, he was also the one who best explained the importance of having a relationship with the Lord. All this, and Gramps is in the hospital on life support and a low probability of recovery. Jason always figured Gramps would be around until he was ninety because he was to tough. He thought of Grandma by his side, sadness etched on her face as she held his hand constantly and talked to him lovingly, not knowing if he could hear her. It had been three days now, “we should have a better idea by the end of the week” the doctor had said this afternoon. All of this on his mind as Jason blindly drives toward home.

It is now dusk as Tony drives in the middle lane of the freeway towards home, he does not yet have his headlights on as he and Carol talk about their youngest son, who is a freshman in college. Carol is annoyed that he can’t seem to find the time to call regularly, unless of course he needs some money, but his two brothers were basically the same. They decide that while annoying, it is just the way kids his age are at that age, and try not to take it too personal.

Jason prays as he drives home, he is praying for his Gramps to recover and live a long life. He wants his son to know gramps and to get some of the same life lessons he has gleaned from the wise older man. Stacy is pregnant with their first child, and they already know it will be a boy, they have already decided to name him after Gramps. Jason just hopes he will be around so that he will know he is being honored. Oops, Jason hasn’t been paying attention and realizes the next exit is his and looks in the side view mirror and does not see anyone, so he changes lanes quickly without his blinker. A loud horn sounds as he looks in the rear view mirror and sees a pickup behind him with no lights on that he apparently missed. He blanches that he cut the truck off and raises his hand in a wave of reconciliation as he crosses over into the far right lane, again without the blinker. He feels bad, but he didn’t mean to do it, he has a lot on his mind and was not focusing on what he was doing. He pays closer attention as he prepares to exit the freeway.

“You Stupid Idiot” Tony yells at the top of his lungs.  Tony is furious, this little red sports car just cut him off and he had to slam on his brakes to keep from hitting the guy. He is probably some rich guy who thinks he owns the road in his little expensive sports car. Jerks like this make it dangerous for everyone these days’, he is probably drunk too Tony thinks as he stares intently at the small back window of the car. He can see the man’s hand up and decides the guy is flipping him off. That’s it, he steps on the gas and speeds up as his wife utters a cautionary “Tony, don’t do this”. He begins to pull up alongside of the little sports car, determined to give the guy his dirtiest look and let him know he doesn’t appreciate it one bit. As he gains on the little car, again Carol says “Tony, please don’t do this”, but Tony isn’t listening to her this time, he is a man on a mission. As he pulls beside the little car, the man driving it looks up, fear clearly evident on his face. He is a young man and he looks vaguely familiar as Tony gives his most hateful face. The young man turns and looks at Tony, and Carol sucks in a sudden breath when she recognizes him, she looks over at Tony, then back at the young man, and slowly waves to him. The anger slides off of Tonys face and is replaced with shame as he slowly raises his hand and begins to wave at their young youth pastor at church. Tony knew he was not a jerk, he had been great with their youngest son, a great example of Christianity, wise beyond his years. Oh how embarrassed Tony was as he let off the gas and backed off as the young man exited, how wrong he had been by jumping to conclusions.

Jason exited the freeway, embarrassed that he had angered someone so bad, much less a brother. He decided he needed to keep his mind on what he is doing. Just then his cell phone rings as he pull to a stop at the red light. It is his mom, she tells him Grandpa just woke up as his heart surges with joy, it looks like he is going to make it after all. Matthew 5:22 22But I tell you that anyone who is angry with his brother[b]will be subject to judgment. Again, anyone who says to his brother, ‘Raca,[c]‘ is answerable to the Sanhedrin. But anyone who says, ‘You fool!’ will be in danger of the fire of hell.

We never know what trial someone else is enduring, as Christians we are called to show compassion. Everyone deserves a break now and then.

God Bless


This story is fiction, written to illustrate a point.

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My wife asks me to move my truck from the drive so that she can take the kids to school, then go to work, and my truck is behind hers. Since one of our last two teens got a truck, or small SUV to be more precise, I don’t get free reign of the driveway anymore, so someone has to move a car in the morning, and it is usually me. This particular morning, I was running late too, and my face was covered with shaving cream as I hurried out into the garage to clear a path for my wife. I was surprised to find my wife standing there with my neighbor in the garage, a nervous “get me out of this” look on her face.

Now this particular neighbor, lets call him, hmmmm thinking here, Hey let’s call him Sachmo!. Sachmo  is known to walk into your garage and want to chat or borrow something at the most hectic of times. It is like he has a sensor, “Jim and Stacia are running late”, I think I will wait till they “run” out to their cars and then I will calmly walk over and stand behind them, waiting until they see me in their rear view mirrors, and ask if I can borrow a measuring cup. They will put the car in park, unlock the house again, go in and rummage through a drawer and come out with what I need, all the while doing all they can to keep from screaming at me. Anyway, sometimes it seems like that.

This particular morning, Sachmo, who incidentally owns a tree trimming company, but has no yard care equipment or even a ladder, asks me if he can borrow my lawn mower and a pair of hedge trimmers. I look at him, shaving cream dripping from my face, in my house shorts and shirt, barefoot and frantic at the time. I say “Sachmo, I will loan it to you, but I do not have time now, when will you need it”? He says oh, no problem, I don’t need it till this evening, and I silently think “then why are we having this discussion in my garage at six thirty in the morning”, but I actually say sure, I will call you later then and I proceed with moving my truck.

Later on, when the hurry ceases and I talk with my wife on the phone, I express my concern at the way Sachmo treats the things he borrows. He doesn’t return things in a timely manner, he doesn’t clean them off the way I would. He is known to borrow something, then call you and say “you can come get it now”. In short, Sachmo is a “bad borrower”. My wife says, tell him to take care of it, and this is the last time he can borrow the mower, because we can’t afford to replace it right now, kids in college and all. In the end, I just loaned the tools to him, told him I would need him to return then as soon as he was done, and that was that. Late that same evening, mower and shears were returned without incident, and we breathed a collective sigh of relief.

Later that week, my “across the street” neighbor (let’s call him Sammy) calls me and wants to borrow my mower, and I said sure without pause, because I know he would replace it without question if it were damaged. Sammy actually borrows my mower every few weeks, and he takes good care of it, so I don’t worry. It is not like when Sachmo borrows it, which eventually causes me to think about why I feel like I do. In turning to Matthew 5:42, the scriptures say, 42Give to the one who asks you, and do not turn away from the one who wants to borrow from you.

Well, this was straight out of Jesus mouth, so there must be some merit to it. Sometimes it is a challenge for us to deal with people we do not want to deal with, but we must do so because our kindness is being viewed, and may cause a seed to be planted for God.

So the next time Sachmo (love that made up name) comes over, I will smile and hand whatever he needs over to him and know that I am doing God’s will  by sharing my possessions with others. Will you do the same?

God Bless


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I was talking to a friend the other day, a man I have come to admire quite a bit. We were blessed enough to go to the mountains and stay in this great cabin out in the woods. We were going fishing for northern pike and trout, ahhhhhhh. We sat by the fireplace talking about God and life until late at night.

We talked about different times in our lives, times when we were not obedient to God, and how our lives had changed when we truly began to seek God’s will. It made me think about times when I have met people who let their past sins weigh them down so much with guilt that they would use it as an excuse to not come back to Him. My friend mentioned how truly wonderful grace was in our lives, and it got me to thinking.

I have met people in my life who I truly believe wanted to come back to the Lord, but the weight (guilt) of their past sins held them back. “Man, if you only knew some of the stuff I’ve done, you would understand”. “If I set foot in church I am afraid I would be struck by lightning”. “If I went to church I doubt they would even let me in”. I always thought the alternative was what they should be worried about.

One thing people really do not like is to be judged, and us church goers do have a reputation for being a judgmental bunch. That comes from us forgetting where our roots are, we all battle sin and many times we lose. We need to keep our noses pointed a bit lower, for when we judge others we make it harder for them to understand that God grants forgiveness of sins. When Christ would forgive someone’s sins, He would tell them their sins are forgiven, go and sin no more. When the woman accused of adultery was slated to be stoned to death, and Jesus intervened by challenging the Pharisees, they all left and Jesus was left standing alone with her. In John 8:9-11 He then said  9At this, those who heard began to go away one at a time, the older ones first, until only Jesus was left, with the woman still standing there. 10Jesus straightened up and asked her, “Woman, where are they? Has no one condemned you?”  11“No one, sir,” she said. “Then neither do I condemn you,” Jesus declared. “Go now and leave your life of sin.”

Yesterday I was out trimming my plants in my yard, and as I was trimming, The Holy Spirit put a thought on my heart, and sometimes I am not really sure what The Holy Spirit is trying to tell me and this was one of those times. “Burn the chaff” was placed on my heart, and I didn’t know why. I thought about it, and prayed about it, and the message that I believe I was meant to get was that when we are forgiven of our sins, we need to move on and allow the forgiveness of the Lord. Matt 3:11-12  He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and with fire. 12His winnowing fork is in his hand, and he will clear his threshing floor, gathering his wheat into the barn and burning up the chaff with unquenchable fire.”

Becoming a follower of Christ is all about new beginnings, some refer to it as becoming “born again”, dying to the old self and its sinful desires and being risen anew. I believe the message that the Spirit was speaking into my heart is that when we accept the Grace that Christ offers, we need to take all of the baggage of sin and throw it into the fire, like they would do with weeds (chaff) that were separated from the wheat. If we continue to lug it around, feeling that we are not worthy to do this or that, we will not be an effective soul winner for Christ. God Bless


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“I don’t need to go to church to be a Christian, my faith is a personal thing, between God and me, and is no-one else’s business”. Have you ever heard this defensive statement made before? I have, way too many times.

During the summer, our neighborhood group through church takes a summer break, as people go on vacations, become pre-occupied with “summer stuff”, and is out until school begins again. I also have a small group of men that meet for an hour a week or so for a short Bible study and discussion on accountability, this also ends for the summer typically, although being the mavericks we are, we said “heck with em’, let’s meet all summer. Most of the time though, attendance was down or group was cancelled due to schedule conflicts. Where am I going with all of this you may ask, “It has been a tough summer spiritually”. I have had my share of struggles, and always do during the summer when our groups all take a break. I miss the encouragement and fellowship during the summer, it is like walking across a desert without water.

Consider the hermit if you will, he lives alone with little or no contact with the outside world. He keeps the same opinions on everything that he had when he voluntarily interred himself into isolation. It is not that he is not open to the suggestions of others, he just never sees anyone, so he does not get input. He gets ideas in his head that never are challenged, so he sees them as sound, when in fact they are everything but. Eventually, he loses his mind and slips into insanity. The term “cabin fever” is used to describe what was experienced by early settlers who were cabin bound during long winters. Ted Kaczynski, also known as “The Unabomber” was someone who had years of isolation and a lack of human contact, the examples keep going on and on.

In Hebrews 3:12-13 we are given a pretty good guide for how to live our faith.

12See to it, brothers, that none of you has a sinful, unbelieving heart that turns away from the living God. 13But encourage one another daily, as long as it is called today, so that none of you may be hardened by sin’s deceitfulness.


The church has developed stigma’s lately because of poor choices that were made, where politics became involved, where pride and ego have occupied the pulpit, causing some to turn away from the hypocrisy associated with it. But the church is not the building, the church is us, and we need each other daily.

We grow as brothers and sisters by sharpening the sword of truth on each others stones. Have you ever thought you understood a passage of scripture and had a brother or sister explain how they saw it a little differently, then a light came on in your head? Have you ever had a brother or sister bring dinners to your home for a week when you lost a parent? Have you ever had a brother or sister come and pray with you when your marriage was faltering and you had no-where else to turn? Then you know what church is, and you would know you were not meant to live without it. As Christians, we were created to be inter-dependant with one another, it is God’s design. Your relationship to the Lord is a personal thing, between you and God, but we are not called to live apart from other followers of Christ. If you are not a part of a Christian community, then you don’t know what you are missing. Lay you’re past impressions aside and find a group that you can call your family, your faith will grow, your knowledge will grow, your understanding will grow, and so will your wisdom. And to top it all off, it will even be fun.

Hebrews 10:24-25

24And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds. 25Let us not give up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but let us encourage one another—and all the more as you see the Day approaching.


God Bless and Keep You


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Calvin walked through the rows and rows of apple trees with his number one hand Jessie, examining the trees and the crops they bore. As they went down the next to the last row in the massive orchard, Calvin saw a repeat of what he had seen in all of the other rows. All of his years of farming had taught him what to expect each year when crop inspections were done, this year was no different.

Most of the mature trees would produce a large crop of apples, while a smaller amount of the trees would produce half that much. Jess would then take to fertilizing those trees heavier each year to aid in their growth in addition to breaking the ground up, adding mulch and nitrogen. This was all done to make a healthier tree, and by making a healthier tree, hopefully boosting the harvest for next year. As Calvin and Jess had toured the orchard on the annual inspection, there were a total of seventeen trees they had encountered that bore nothing. In years past, Jess had offered an opinion on the trees that bore nothing that they needed another chance, and that they could be brought along with nutrients and a little TLC, but at the end of the day, it was anyone’s guess whether it would work. This orchard was also Jessie’s, as he had cared for it for the last thirty years and had come to love these trees, and wanted what was best for them. Sometimes Calvin agreed with what Jess prescribed, other times he made a decision that differed with his, but one thing was certain, whatever Calvin decided, it was final.

Calvin and Jess entered into the ranch office and both had a cold drink of water before settling in chairs at a desk to go over the orchard chart and make the decisions. They went one by one, discussing the future of each tree, how old it was, had it been nursed over the last couple of years according to records. Did it have a history of disease, was it getting enough water, and then making a decision based on the facts. After the facts were discussed, Calvin blew out a long breath and tossed his sweaty cowboy hat on his desk. He leaned back and stared at the ceiling for a few moments, then made his decision. Pull em’ out Jess, just pull em’ all out. Cut the trees down, then grind the stump and roots and leave the chippings there so that they can be used to mulch the replacements. We will put all the trimmings into a pile in the back lot and burn them once they dry and cure.  I want the ground tilled deep and fertilized deep, order some new trees out of Washington and let’s move on. Jess responded “can’t we give them one more year boss; if they don’t produce I won’t argue”.

Calvin’s face softened, he knew how much Jess loved his job. Naw Jess, they are taking up valuable resources that others could be using, they are taking up space that others could occupy, and it is real expensive keeping them watered, they gotta go, they had their chance. Jess nodded and said “all right boss, I’ll get the guys on it right away”, as he stood to leave. Calvin placed a hand on Jess’s shoulder and gave it a squeeze, thanks Jess, next years crop will be better. There were always going to be trees that don’t produce though.

We are called to be productive, to bear fruit. I love the Great Commission, as it exemplifies what Christ wants us to do. Matthew 28:16-20

 16Then the eleven disciples went to Galilee, to the mountain where Jesus had told them to go. 17When they saw him, they worshiped him; but some doubted. 18Then Jesus came to them and said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. 19Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”

A fruit tree has only one mission in life, and it is not to provide shade, it is to provide fruit. There are many trees that are meant to provide shade and do not bear any fruit, their mission is shade, but the fruit trees’ mission is bearing fruit. Our mission is to bear fruit, and if we choose not to bear fruit by not making time to do His work, we are falling short of fulfilling our mission.

Matthew 21:18-19

 18Early in the morning, as he was on his way back to the city, he was hungry. 19Seeing a fig tree by the road, he went up to it but found nothing on it except leaves. Then he said to it, “May you never bear fruit again!” Immediately the tree withered.

God Bless


This story is fiction, written to illustrate a point.

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